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For you left me in a land of mystery and mind muddle.<3
Sorry if this poem has typos or isn't amazing! I wrote this late, but I hope you enjoy!

Not As Simple

By: Crystal

I can wrap my head around most things, They come at ease, so to speak. I don't need the mind of a king's, To receive the knowledge I seek.

The world is simple. So easy to decode. Emotions were easy; either you were bitter, joyful or aghast. You didn't need to be mentally slowed, To assuredly raise your individuality mast.

But then you came along. I didn't know what to make of you. You delivered me some flowers. But not some incomplex tulips or roses, The bouquet was bursting with Zinnia's and an Azalea or two, That left sweet aromas that tickled us under our noses.

You threw me a curveball, leaving my mind in a daze. Trying to figure out who you really were. And as you entered the frame of my gaze, I felt my heart swooning, in need of stabilizing succour.

Oh how much I wanted to hate you, for creating a mental befuddle, How much I wanted to crack that asymmetric smile and that adorable little dimple.

But I giggled, for you leave me in a land of mystery and mind muddle, Expressing that there is more to it; the world is not that simple.

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