Flowers of Joy
Flowers of Joy flower stories

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Each flower is a flower of joy.

Flowers of Joy

By: Crystal

She slipped off her leather sandals and ran in the fresh grass.

The ground felt cool under her bare feet, and the rangy bushes scratched her legs.

Her braids flew in the wind, rainbows reflecting off her playful copper eyes.

Shrieking, skipping through puddles of water, the sun mirroring in soft ripples.

She was younger then. Flowers in her life were a mere given.

As she got older, flowers were harder to find.

They didn't sprout in as many places anymore.

She couldn't uncover flowers by simply walking through a path.

She neglected the cheerful blooms; there were more meaningful things to her.

The farther she strolled, the more the blooms shrivelled.

They slowly died off.

They slowly died off. One

They slowly died off. One by

They slowly died off. One by one.

Soon, she was walking through puddles of her own tears.

For sorrow and despair have overcome her.

For when flowers wilt, everything withers away with them.

She took off her sandals like she did when she was younger,

She searched through the weeds, spotting one flower.

She searched through the weeds, spotting one flower. Then a second.

She searched through the weeds, spotting one flower. Then a second. Then a third.

Their sugary aroma sent a flicker of life spark on her face.

She gathered a bouquet of sweet smelling blooms, shrieking as her dark hair danced with the breeze.

She embraced her wreath, loving tears rolling down her cheeks, as she held on to every joyful moment of her life.

~Aside~ Thank you all so much for reading! I just want to apologize for the inactivity (if anyone even cares) I haven't been very inspired to write. I guess you could say I'm experiencing a bit of writer's block.

I can't really schedule when creativity will decide to hit me, so I hope you enjoyed this in the meantime! Please feel free to leave writing ideas (poems/stories like this) in the comments based on my writing style! ~Crystal

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