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Some things currently going through my head, but in a more exaggerated form.

Fitting In

By: Crystal

They say to be proud of your quirks, Don't be insecure, they say, But that's not the way it works, For myself, I must betray.

I must betray my politeness, Negativity is cool, right? I must dim my brightness, My whole image I must rewrite.

People break off into gangs, They decide who is "in" or "out", Talk with swear words or harsh slangs, Or else you will be a social dropout.

I want to be one of "them", The ones that they all adore, But is that what I want to become? A decision to go back no more.

But if I'm abandoning myself, To become who-knows-what, Am I ruining my outlook as well? Or am I just muddling up my gut?

I am told to appreciate what I do, They tell me to form my own path, That is something we all go through, And I can't escape their wrath.

As I pour out these thoughts in words, I wonder if these things come naturally with growth, Maybe one day I will come to understand towards, How one can be proud of something they loathe.

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