Everything Fades Below The Horizon
Everything Fades Below The Horizon horizon stories
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The light of our lives fades below the horizon.

Everything Fades Below The Horizon

By: Crystal

The frigid water stung my toes as I ran on the seashore, My hair brushing my face as it whipped around, Mist spraying my legs with the refreshing droplets I adore, Feet sinking into the balmy, sandy ground.

I twirled around, cheeks hurting from smiling, As you splashed me with the velvety chilly water, The sun reflecting off your eyes, shining, A description beyond any author.

We piled chunky chestnut logs into a ring of stone, And you struck a match, sending sparks fly, Always by my side, never leaving me alone, As we watched the flickering flames disappear into the sky.

The sun fades below the horizon, Leaving a trail of orange and pinks, Making history timeless, As the sun slowly sinks.

The longer I stare, the darker it gets, The looser your grip abandons my hand, The more your arms untie from our caress, And I find myself laying on the cold scratchy sand.

It dissolved away, like sugar in rain, Leaving me in deafening silence, Enhancing the heartbreak and pain, As everything fades below the horizon.

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