Battle with the Writer
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For it is a constant battle with the writer.

Battle with the Writer

By: Crystal

My voice is screaming, emphatic and strong,

Beating against the walls of my insides,

Vibrating, passionate, forceful as a gong,

Breaking through, out of any disguise.

That voice is striving to be heard,

But no pitch can depict its ardor,

The writer grabs a pen to write in a word,

To reveal a face behind the armour.

The writer tries to illustrate its eloquent rage,

Yet words cannot describe the sensation,

Often misread, lies covering a page,

Distortion in the minds of the thought-study nation.

The voice yells in fury, for its sentiment may not be captured on paper,

For each emotion is a constant combat for the fighter,

A constant struggle to capture feelings under a radar,

A constant battle with the writer.

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