a Piece of the World
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nightblossom You can find me on cloud nine.
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Haha I can't tell if this is trash or actually worth something. It's kinda short because half my brain is still obstructed. This is my first piece back from writer's block so don't judge too harshly i'm a delicate flower ok bye.

a Piece of the World

By: Crystal

Every bud ever sprouted

Every bird ever flown,

Have each a role founded,

Have a story of their own.

Every shine of each gem,

Every gleam of each stone,

Provide the world with a hem,

A ring of light of their own,

Every step ever taken,

Every mark ever grown,

Allow the earth to awaken,

Carve their names in their throne.

Every smile ever formed,

Every lip that has curled,

Every heart ever warmed,

Is a piece of our world.

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