It has always cost more....

It has always cost more.... labour stories

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It has always cost more, in paper.
Not anymore.
Gold is money again.
Money is supposed to last; not to be consumed. Gold lasts forever and has stood the test of time by increasing or retaining its its value over time.

To be useful as money, a good must have a narrow spread. The narrower the spread, the less you lose in each trade…..

It took thousands of years to discover the best good to use as money, the good that is most marketable and thus which has the narrowest spread. Fish is better than moccasins. Salt is better than fish. Gold is the most marketable good of all.

Keith Weiner, president , Gold Standard Institute, “Why Gold Is The Best Money Of Them All & Nothing Comes Close"

Make gold your money:

It has always cost more....

In paper, government money or fiat money. Not anymore.

Money, a measure of value. Money, a measure of your life?

* What if the measure itself is corrupted? * What if our money is being systemically debased?

Paper money Fiat currency Government cash

Conjurers, banks & governments create money from paper. Banks & financial institutions extend credit based on deposits that they receive. expanding "money supply."

Let there be money

Your money is money because your government says so. "Money be" As in "Light be." Genesis 1:3: Let there be light.

Making, creating money

The BIS, the IMF & national central banks create credit (money supply) through fractional reserve banking. Commercial banks keep only a fraction of the amount deposited & loan out rest.

The Big Mac Index

The true value of your reference currency can significantly impact your wealth. So, a Big Mac does not cost the same everywhere.

Daily bread

You now pay $ 3.25 dollars for a loaf of bread, as compared with only 25 cents about 60 years ago. A loaf of brown bread in Dublin costs 1.2 euros today.

Shrinkflation * A smaller product * Less costs more

Shrinkflation A bread loaf weight was one kilo. Today, a loaf weight is about 250 gm. Inflation: Bread was priced by baskets of loaves . Today , bread is priced by loaves.

Simple bare necessities Always cost more in paper money

But not in gold. In 600 BC, you could buy 300-388 loaves of bread for just one gold ounce. Today, the same amount of gold: 1 oz, buys you the same amount of bread: 300-388 loaves .

Is better money possible?

Yes, of course! Except for the last 75 years, gold has always been money. The "gold standard" is in our lexicon for the benchmark, the highest standard, the standard of integrity.

Gold is simply permanent units of energy, labour & time.

Gold emanates from the cancelling of those three, but then forever represents them. Roy Sebag, founder, Goldmoney

Gold A measure of value; a measure of life. Your life!

As gold encapsulates energy, labour & time, it incorruptibly measures your meritocratic journey. Nothing else does.

You can now buy save send receive & pay in gold.

Goldmoney's patented Aurum architecture is a global operating system for gold, making gold money, once again.

You can now take charge of your money

Take charge of your money, your legacy & financial destiny. Save in gold . Create Goldmoney own money account:

Gold should not be viewed as the means to make you rich.....

Rather, gold is a means to avoid the debts that can make you poor. You can begin saving in gold. here:

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