The Legendary Forest (I'm thinking about making a story) This is the Prologue
The Legendary Forest (I'm thinking about making a story)

This is the Prologue fantasy stories

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Prologue of a story I'm thinking about making, but it depends if you all want it. It is called the Legendary Forest and is about two connected twins who live in 1 of the 7 Magical Kingdoms who want to share their power together being the heir, while preventing Darkness from spreading and preventing Redivals doing what they please, they must fight there way while they may be close to death. Involving dramatic outbreaks, fighting, violence, extreme hatred, death and other threats, relationships some didn't even knew could happen

The Legendary Forest (I'm thinking about making a story) This is the Prologue

The Legendary Forest is a forest of magic and its seven kingdoms were they have the brightest sunlight hits or brightest moonlight....

There was a legend involving a young heir prince of the Ancient Luminescence Kingdom and a young princess heir Eerie Selven Kingdom.

They both were married and united both kingdoms, the young prince had a twin brother and the princess had a younger brother.

One day an accident happen killing both heirs without having any children.

This left the siblings to the throne of both kingdoms which they both wanted and they fought for it turning into a long-lasting fight that lasted for years.

Many places were destroyed, people died, and trade was terrible.

Then along came a group called the Redivals and they were extraordinary powered people that ended the fight and split both of the kingdoms.

The Luminescence kingdom was renamed Esperon-Moon and as for the Eerie Selven took so much damage it became a small kingdom.

The other five kingdoms that are still around for years later were newer kingdoms and don't remember much, but after that the Redivals became in charge to oversee all kingdoms.

They set up sets of rules for everyone to follow starting with a rule that says "no heir shall marry the heir of another"

Everything was better for two centuries, until people in Esperon-Moon suspected Redivals to be a suspicious group.

They wanted things to be so perfect that rules that was unnecessary were made, then a rare Espereonean citizen with special magic saw something from the distant future.

They saw dark clouds coming to the forest, dark magic enveloping from Redivals, and them sending all kingdoms into Darkness. They saw the Redivals as pure evil and began to deny them at all costs.

Most disreguarded the rules, they fought back, and some made little groups devoting their lives to stop Redivals.

The only thing was the rest of the kingdoms saw Redivals as overseers that help keep peace, and not their true intentions.

Some people tried to just get along, where others hated their existance.

Thousands of years later the rebelling is still around but the Redivals got smarter to prevent that.

They lived among the city making sure they followed the rules and respect, and if they didn't they had a mid to harsh punishment.

Soon Darkenders arrived, who were a group of dark magic aimed to fill the place with darkness and turn everyone toword Darkness. They were trying to turn the kingdoms to darkness while the Redivals work to trick the people.

Then came a new Era The Magnifi-central Era were peace was there.

The ruler Queen Midneriva led peaceful attempts with the Redivals, although knowing of their true attentions she worked out everything to make life a harmony as much as she could, and engage with other kingdoms.

Then she got married and had twin connected children who despised the Redivals in every possible way.

They also hated Darkenders, but they were unlike their Mother who is willing to try to have peace with them.

And their story starts where they both want to share the power and be twin heirs, brother and sister, Niderudion and Nivillerua, Princess and Prince of the Esperon-Moon Kingdom.

What do you think? Should I make it? Do you like the prologue?

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