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nicpunk I like cats more than people
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I'm having a hard time sleeping between my sibling snoring and the never ending horrors that plague me. Goodnight everyone.


by nicpunk

Welcome back, my old friend, Welcome to the void of darkness, Of stillness.

Here time passes slowly, Minutes become hours, And all that can be felt is the weight of loneliness.

All that can be heard is the blood in your head.

A warm welcome to the panicked memories, To the dark thoughts, And to the monsters that lurk under the bed.

Monsters crawl from the darkest corners, to our eyes, To our heads. What was that?

Shadows become our greatest fears. Shapes morph and fly from one end of the room to another.

Any slight sound makes us bolt out of our skin and long to be in another realm: sleep.

Drift to peace. Drift to leave.

The darkness is not always a friend.

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