Never enough

nicpunkI like cats more than people
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I've been battling with myself for years to find peace. Yet, my peace is invalid

Never enough

by nicpunk

As individuals, we’re never enough. Not smart enough. Not tough enough. Not brave, talented, pretty, cool, interesting, tall, short, thin, It's never enough.

I'm not enough. I've accepted never being smart, charming, talented, or kind enough.

But the one place where I beg for acceptance that I don't find at home, I will never be enough for. Because of my body.

The shape and form of which I grew into. The body I have been taught to hate, Then love, Then hate, Then love, Then hate, is all wrong.

My breasts are wrong, my genitals are wrong, But because I don't want to change them I'm not enough. Because of how I appear, I am rejected.

I am scorned by the people I was told to trust. The ones who are so hated, hate me the most. Because I'm fake, Or I'm doing it for attention.

The reasons they pile up against me are the same hateful words used against them. I am not enough so I am shamed.

My sexuality is imaginary and invalid because I have made love.

Because I don't despise the genitalia of others, I am not real enough to be imaginary.

We are told to embrace our gender and sexuality only to have it turned against us because we're not enough. I cannot justify my identity to myself because I've been called a liar so often.

I'm starting to believe their lies. Constantly thinking, “I can't be this, I've done that.” “I can't be this, I have that.” To me my body is wrong.

To them, my body is right and I am a liar. To me, my sexuality is right. To them, my sexuality isn't real. How can people who experience so much hate, be so hateful?

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5 months agoReply
Learning to love yourself is the first step to liking yourself once you like yourself you will know you are enough you have always been enough what others think about you is non of your business if there own self doubt makes them put you down so they can feel better than is not your business the hardest thing you will ever do is learning to love yourself A great poem

tdog16Gifted Writer14 and excited!
5 months agoReply
Powerful story! I truly embrace the idea of not being good enough, so sorry but in a culprit of society. I understand we can never be perfect just like you implied in this story. But when people want you to achieve and then people tell you that you are not achieving it gets buried inside of you and never comes out. Sorry I should just stop. I'm not saying that this story is wrong and what you think is wrong because what you think is right. Thank you for this post!

5 months agoReply
Hey love, really liked your poem, if I can read between the lines is the subject the LGBT community being close minded and discriminatory towards people who can't fit in their nice letters? If so I get it. But hopefully people grow up to realize as humans, we are always evolving. You are valid however you decide to own your body, your feelings towards it and everything you are experiencing. There's only one like you, there's not enough letters in the alphabet to fit everyone, but there's enough love in the world to share a bit with you. So there you go, have some of that love! The community should always be a safe and warm space, here is a reminder of that. (And if I'm completely off the subject, you still get some positive vibes, there's love for everyone!). Hope you have a nice evening :)