Leaving home
Leaving home sad stories

nicpunk I like cats more than people
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Leaving home

by nicpunk

I can feel the distance between us growing.

I can feel the tearing in my chest with each passing inch.

The cigarette smoke that fills the air makes me long to be home.

Instead, I am trapped with people I don't know. I'm trapped with lonliness clutching my lungs.

I am not going home. I'm leaving it.

I go back to the place of no color. I drag my heavy feet with every step I take.

I want to go back home.

Let me return to the warmth.

Let me return to the safety.

Let me return to the love.

Let me return to the color.

I'm leaving home, and heading to despair, discontent, and hatred.

Let me go home. I never wanted to leave.

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