In my head
In my head  mental illness stories

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In my head

by nicpunk

This aching pain in the back of my skull. This never ending ache, That spreads through my body as it chooses.

Pain fluctuates. Dull pain,, sharp pain, aching pain, And never in one place.

Forever moving from the base of my skull, to my heart, to my stomach, to my thoughts.

I am forever trapped in the endless loop of failure. I grasp for threads of salvation, Where I will leave this torture.

I hold on with all my strength to remain dangling. I tread as hard as I can so my face is barely underwater.

The pain inside of me never fades. It is forever trapped in the base of my skull, clawing into my thoughts for a chance to spread poison.

I am a slave to my pain. I am a puppet for my pain. I am a toy for my pain to play.

My tears are acid. They burn into my skin, Revealing my brittle bones.

Everything is cracked. Everything is broken. I am a decaying vessel for inescapable pain.

I will reclaim my freedom. I am broken, but not gone.

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