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nicpunk I like cats more than people
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My music teacher used to tell me life was a hallway with many doors. Some had to be opened and some had to be closed.

Close the door

by nicpunk

I push, I pull, I fight

Clawing my way through darkness, Through sadness, Through hate.

I fight against the voices that echo in my head.

I rip my arms out of the clutch of memories.

Let go of me, I am no longer yours.

My feet sink into the mess of my life.

I fight, I struggle, I strive.

I reach out as I near the door way.

I can see the bright light of a new hope, A new perspective, A new life.

I scream, I cry, I break apart.

My hands clutch onto the door frame.

I pull myself free.

I slam the door behind me.

It's closed

I'm free.

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