Zeugmas metaphors stories

nicoleschulz Community member
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Zeugma definition: a figure of speech in which a word applies to two others in different senses or to two others of which it semantically suits only one


My music and anxious thoughts deafening.

My closet is messy and so is my life.

My room is dark and so are my thoughts.

My car broke down and so did I.

My hair and I are blue.

My breath and butterflies are hard to catch.

My room is cold and so is my soul.

My thoughts are heavy but I am not.

My future is far away and so is my family.

My friends and time have been lost.

My knife is sharper than I am.

My eyes are burning more than my incense.

My depression causes destruction in my head and a tropical one can cause destruction on land.

My magnets and I are bipolar.

My candy is sweet but I am not.

My stomach is more empty than the hole in my backyard.

My thoughts and hair are tangled.

My leather jacket and my friendships are fake.

My words are literal and metaphorical.

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