Death Accidentally “Makes” a New Friend
Death Accidentally “Makes” a New Friend sad stories

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Death is lonely and has had a long day.

Death Accidentally “Makes” a New Friend

As Death walks around the room, all he can think about are all of the lives he had to take today because of some mass shooting.

He needed to forget all the children he had to take from their friends and family. He needed to get drunk. Mortal alcohol wouldn’t do it tonight. He needed something stronger.

He goes over to his liquor cabinet and pulls out the strongest intoxicating substance known to any immortal being. It’s Mother Nature’s own concoction.

It was so strong that no one could remember what Mother Nature calls it except Mother Nature.

A few hours later, Death strides into his bedroom with an empty bottle.

“Guess, I’ll have to ask the old broad for some more of,” he stutters, as he looks down at the bottle, “this crap."

Of course, he is muttering to himself for Death is alone in his own state of being.

None of the other immortals like hanging out with Death because they all think the mortals die too soon and when they die he is taking their life from them.

When really, he is just collecting them together, so they aren’t scattered about.

He then remembers he needs to check the room of hourglasses to make sure he didn’t miss one that he has to schedule to pick up.

As he stumbles into a seemingly endless room, he notices one hourglass in a corner, for there are many random corners in the room, that might be up soon.

He makes a mental note of it, but dismisses it and says he’ll leave until after his nap. As he dismisses it his hand waves and hits an hourglass near him.

He cries out and tries to grab the hourglass, so it doesn’t shatter. It slips out of his hand and rolls onto the floor.

He bends to grab at it put his hands are still slippery and it just rolls farther beneath all of the shelves. Frustrated, Death leaves the hourglass until later.

When Death come back from his nap, he still can’t reach the hourglass, so he bends down to read the ten-digit number on it. He knows who it is of course because he’s Death.

He makes a mental note to keep a better eye on the guy because he has no idea how this will impact the guy’s life for this has never happened before.

As the years pass-by it seems as though the guy he is observing is seemingly immortal. Decades and centuries go by, and Death becomes even more lonely. He then gets an idea.

He invites the man for a cup of coffee and conversation to hopefully make a friend while also explaining his situation.

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