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They call me Mr. Smooth talker but I just treat women the way my mama always taught me to treat them; with love and respect. I'm looking for Mrs. Right but just keep finding Mrs. Right now. Long legged bombshells that just want my money. I see right through their game thanks to my fathers lessons, the infamous Gabriel Gavinwood.

I'm looking for Mrs. Right but just keep finding Mrs. Right now.

I want a love like my parents have and I'm close to giving up until I meet her. Sassy Miss Normani Jameson, the new girl at Double Play Physical Therapy.

When she rips me a new one right in the middle of the office, I’m shocked into infatuation. She wrecks every notion I have about seducing a woman and I’m going to make her mine.

When Normani’s past comes barreling back into her life, everything I’ve ever known is threatened and my positive, cheerful self falls to the darkness.

My cursed Gavinwood genes take over and I may cause damage I can never undo.

I'm broken, damaged beyond belief and I’ve had to fight for my life more than once. My upbringing isn't my fault, but it’s the reason I’m hiding out until someone finds me, Savannah Turner.

My need to prove to myself that I am stronger than my demons and can live a normal life is what drives me.

Until pretty boy Devin Gavinwood walks into the office. He turns the tables on me and is immune to my defenses. It stirs a need inside me. A need to smack that smirk off his face, or maybe kiss it.

My desire to connect with someone, feel a mans touch the way I should feel it, is suffocating me.

Right when I’m starting to accept opening up to someone, my past derails us and I have no choice but to make things right with the man I nearly destroyed.

Maybe helping Devin through his struggles will help me through mine. Can we help each other heal, or are we just going to get sucked into the darkness together?

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