nicolecafarellitaste of colors
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by nicolecafarelli

I was illuminated gold

bending light around the sky wrapped around the sun and back wider than a falcon's eye

you were art without a brush

colors combing through your hair leaving fingerprints on windows and bright footprints on the stairs

you didn't want to meet outside

because my gold beams made you blind so I drew in all the curtains grabbed the first paint I could find

I painted both of my hands black

so I could hold you in the dark and I painted my chest red so maybe I could match your heart

you felt cold and needed warmth

so I painted yellow arms and held you tight to mix our colors in the shade and safe from harm

now all I leave are muddy handprints

smearing over like charcoal when before, the things I touched they used to grow and turn to gold

I used to wake up with the sun

and glow flames beneath the stars but I have locked myself inside so I am close to where you are

one morning when I woke up

every inch of me was blue all my colors slowly faded and it's all because of you

so I scrubbed my body down

from my toes up to my chin washed the paint down in the drain but you were still under my skin

shades of indigo and violet

colors bluer than the sea washed away with soap and water but were still inside of me

but I stood out in the sunshine

and I finally could glow and you tried to paint my picture watching me from your window

all along I thought it wrong

that I did not have enough paint but they were just not the right colors not the right ones to make you stay

I will no longer be buried

underneath your tattered sheets I don't want to be the shadow that you step on with your feet

because there's beauty in the darkness

I know this because we met but there's a reason for the rising sun and a reason for the sunset

and if I never hold your hand again

please don't forget my touch remember that it hurts to go and I miss you so much

everyday I wait till I no longer

taste the color blue until then, I will always be a masterpiece of you.

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doanalexandracertified hopeless romantic
a year agoReply
a masterpiece. you truly have a way with words, the execution was flawless. i absolutely adored this.

nicolecafarellitaste of colors
a year agoReply
@sohineedey @bernardtwindwil wow, thank you so much for reading this and enjoying it!! I really appreciate the feedback as an 18 year old writer with this being my first outlet to publishing my writings, I am so happy!

sohineedeyBronze CommaI love spilling ink in the form of words
a year agoReply
Ah! The words, the rhythm, the picture you painted through this poem is truly deserving of being called a masterpiece!! I'm in awe with this piece of work. ❤❤

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
a year agoReply
This poem was executed with NASA type precision. The meter was counted out and revealed itself like an MIT project. The rhyming scheme was beautiful. I had to read this a second time I was so carried away by the technical build the first time. That I had to re-read it. Your wording in concert with the graphics makes this one of the more powerful and precise poems I have read lately. This is an excellent work​ of art.

nicolecafarellitaste of colors
a year agoReply
@emmahernndez thank you so much, I really love being able to relate to other people

emmahernndezBronze CommaI love kind people. INFP.
a year agoReply
this was my favorite part: "woke up every inch of me was blue all my colors slowly faded and it's all because of you" I really feel related to this. It is beautiful and touching