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I am the moon.

2am thoughts

I keep tossing and turning. my body yearning for sleep while my mind runs aimlessly.

I replay our time spent together in my head.

every laugh. every word spoken -- everything I said. everything I did. everything you said. everything you did.

it's all I can think about. but you forget about me like people forget about the moon.

the sun shines bright. you are the sun. people bask in the suns beauty. the sun glimmers on them and they don't take his warmth for granted.

but the moon is beautiful too. her beauty radiates while the world sleeps. the stars surround her, hoping to swim in her warm glow.

I've spent the day thinking of you. did you even think of me?

now it's 2am and I can't sleep. all I can do is think of you. and the sun, and the moon. why you didn't call. why you haven't texted.

I deserve the love that I keep trying to give everyone else.

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