Norm Chapter One: Happy Birthday Part One

Chapter One: Happy Birthday Part One curse stories

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A story were one girl wish for a non-mundane life turns into a nightmare. Having to juggle school life, "family" problems and an evil, manipulative, curious demon, while not being killed by everyday "freak accidents", Norine struggles to stay sane and not give in. Give in to what? She doesn't even know that herself. She just needs to stay alive, and try to get rid of Norm.

Norm Chapter One: Happy Birthday Part One

She really didn't understand why everyone was making such a fuss. She just wanted to keep it low key. Maybe, not have a party at all? Pam would have a fit if she even suggested such a thing.

Coming to the conclusion that there was no way to escape, Norine let out a frustrated sigh. Norine continued to stare at her ceiling in deep thought.

She was turning eighteen today and she couldn't be less thrilled. What did she truly have to look forward to? Going to her college of choice? Her dad made enough money to pay for it. Working to get a car? Dad took care of it. Finding a job? Like dad would let her go anywhere besides his law firm.

Norine let out another long sigh. Dad has been a mess ever since her mom had died. While, she loved her father, his hold on her was restricting and relentless. Not many jobs were made in Buckshot. Crime was always at an all time high, which made good money for them. Norine frowned.

It also made it easy for them to become the most hated family in Buckshot.

"Norine! You're going to be late for school if you don't hurry up!" Shouted Pam. Norine groaned and prayed for the mattress to swallow her whole.

A knock on the door then the sound of her father's deep voice. "Come on, sweetheart. Time to get up."

"Ok. Ok. Ok." She whispered under her breath and got up. The house's old, wooden floor boards creaked under each step she took and alerted everyone else that she was up.

Outside her room, she could here Pam, her new stepmom, try to wake up Samuel, her childhood friend and new... step brother. Norine grimaced.

Even after three months that still didn't sound right. Shuffling to her closet, Norine picked out some red skinny jeans and a big baggy hoody. Her usual go-to outfit. She searched around her closet and found some matching black boots.

Gathering her school supplies, she turned her lights off, grabbed her phone and keys and headed for the bath room to finish getting ready.

As she entered the bathroom, she was rudely greeted by Sam, "Good morning, ugly."

"Back at you, man-whore." She scoffed. She began to brush her teeth and hair while glaring at him. Samuel, or Sam, was the fuck boy of their school and her ex-best friend.

High school had changed him and not for the better. He became more of jerk as he became more handsome.

With his steely-blue eyes, dark-chocolate side parted locks and bad boy demeanor, he was quiet the catch with all the girls at school. Hell, once upon a time in elementary school, she had a thing for him. Luckily, or sadly, she never acted upon her feelings and found out how much of an arrogant brat he is.


Then, this man-whore became her step brother.

Luckily her.

Norine finished brushing her hair and set down the brush. She was just about to exit the bathroom when Samuel stopped her. "Hey."

Norine turned back to him and rose a brow. "Yes?"

"After school, how about I treat you to a birthday dinner at that new buffet." He stated with a conceited, confident smirk.

Norine opened her mouth to reject him when Pam's excited voice joined in the conversation. Her new stepmother, Ms. Cox or now Mrs. Pinson, bounced into the room jovially.

"Oh, Sammy! That's a wonderful idea! The air around you two has been so tense lately, I think a dinner between you two would help. I know this is a big change for you two, but we're a family now."

'Oh, you sweet, innocent thing.' Thought Norine as Samuel's mother wrapped her arm around her son's waist. If she only knew about the people her son brings in her house.

The number of sluts he has banged all over the house. Not to mention the few times, she has caught him doing someone in her and dad's room. It took all Norine's will power not to scowl.

It was always her cleaning the... mess Samael and his sluts left behind. It was disgusting, but she wanted to keep her father as happy as he was now forever.

She looked into Pam's sparking eyes and wanted to sigh once more. Pam's happiness was equally important, too. The woman was like a second mother to her.


Samuel basked in his victory, his mother was practically jumping for joy.

"Great" she chirped. She trotted down the hallway, shouting behind her, "Let me go fish out some money from my purse!"

Oh god. Please don't leave her here with this bastard... Unfortunately for Norine, she didn't possess telepathic power at that moment and Pam disappeared around the corner.

Norine turned back to Samuel. The expression on his face was something she couldn't quite place. It wasn't the first time he dad looked at her like this, but when he did it always terrified her.

His blue eyes bore into her and held her in place.

"What?" she snapped defensively. Just like that, the unknown emotion disappeared and Samuel returned to his usually haughty self.

"Nothing." He said with a smirk. "Something wrong you look a little pale, Nor Nor."

"Like you actually care." Norine sneered back at him, still a little unsettled.

Samuel said nothing as she left.

New Scene: Buckshot High

"Look it's the birthday girl!"

Norine barely managed to stop herself from falling over when she was suddenly tackled by Sadie. Sadie and her had also been a crib pal of hers and Samuel's.

They used to be the unstoppable trio, before Norine went away.

The year before high school started Norine was sent to some relative's house while her father took up a dangerous position in a law battle between a well-known drug dealer.

The court battle took a whole year before it was won.

When Norine came back everything seemed to be the same, she didn't notice how Samuel seemed to start drifting further and further away from them until the end of summer.

I was one thing to say you didn't want to be friends anymore and then it was another to publicly embarrass your friend in front of everyone.

'I still can't believe he read my dream journal out to everyone.' Norine thought with a sour look on her face.

Sadie began to chat her ear off about her weekend out with her brothers and Norine tuned her out. She just didn't understand how Samuel turned into such an asshole in such a sort amount of time.

She had written all kinds of dreams into that journal. Good ones. Bad ones. Lewd ones.

Yet, not even a hint of regret shown on his face as he read from the top of that park table one of her really vivid, dirty dreams.

"You're so lucky, Nor Nor." Gushed Sadie.

"Having such a good-looking guy living with you! Not to mention, you also are now to related to James Cox to now! Not like I have a thing for older guys, but James is a piece of meat I would definitely jump on!"

Norine rolled her eyes, but silently agreed. Unlike his younger, brother, James was a true gentleman with an extremely nice body.

Norine would know. Every time he came over to see her she had the privilege to be pressed up against it with every hug she got.

And boy, that man was a hugger! You would never guess James and Samuel were related. Unlike Samuel's striking looks and bad boy demeanor, James gift came from within.

He had a brightly smile that would light up the darkest of days and mature, caring, almost brotherly personality.

He was definitely a family man and a little bit of a momma's boy, despite being so tall. His looks definitely weren't lacking.

His dirty blond hair was thick and often he tried to control it and maintain it by keeping it out of his face with some gel.

He had some gorgeous blueberry eyes and was often well dress and taken care of. He had to be if he wanted to keep his position as her dad's top lawyer.

James looked identical to his mother Pam, which made her believe that most of Samuel's looks came from his own dad. It made sense since they were half-brothers.

Her and Samuel were ten years younger than James. That remaindered her... James' birthday was only a few weeks away, then it was Samuel's three days after.

"Soon, James is going to be twenty-eight." Norine thoughtfully murmured.

"Really? Wow, time has gone by so fast. It feels like it was only yesterday when he scared the crud out Drew Long for bullying us." Sadie hummed before giggling. "Do you remember his face, Nor Nor?"

The memory made Norine laugh as well. The girls joked and talked as they sat down and continued to chatter until the bell rang.

Class went smoothly for the rest of the day. She had a nice lunch with a couple of her friends. The only mention of her birthday was the small gift Sadie gave and she was fine with that.

Then, all her happiness was drained in sixth period. She could feel eyes on her when she entered the room.

Don't look at him. Don't look at him. Don't-

"Hey, Nor Nor..."came her brother's jeering tone. "Why don't you come over here and sit with me and my friends?"

A round of encouragement came from the direct of Samuel's voice. Norine's left eye twitched. "No, I'm fine over here."

"Oh, come on, Norine! You can't still be made about that little joke!" Cried Drew Long. "It was, like, forever ago!"

"Yah." stated his sister, Nancy. "It was only a little prank. So, what we read a few lines and told you Sam didn't want you hanging off him any more. Big whoop! It's almost been, like, four years! Loosen up!"

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