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How sad is she and how cruel of him, right? I like a girl could ever have a choice in this build I built for this story. It was a mistake that she was in enlisted in the army. It was her mistake going into battle. It was a unhealthily mistake for her to keep on fanaticizing. But you know dear readers... It was OK; sometimes mistakes work out for the better.

The Emerald Button

Donna's finger grazed the pink button before tentatively settling on the green one. Tears were in her eyes as she plucked up the cold, emerald piece. She didn't want to marry any of these men.

How dare they create a mock traditional marriage setup when she knew full well she didn't have a choice in this matter?

Every girl in New North American would want their wedding to be thrown in the kingdom's courtyard, but not Donna.

Donna wanted her father back. She wanted her little house on the hill back. She wanted all the things she fought so hard for to return to her. But, most of all she want her freedom back.

A scowl set on her face as in closed her hand around the little button and squeezed her fist hard. The moment she had picked up this little gem button was the moment she signed away her rights.

How could she have been so stupid? Even after all her service in the military and all the battles she won, she was still treated like a second class citizen. It would always be this way though.

How could have she thought that making something of herself would change anything?

In this world they lived in not even stopping World War III would buy her freedom from marriage...

She would never be equal to any man...

She was just a woman after all.

She looked around for the man that would soon be here future husband. The man she would have to be with and serve until the day she died. The male she would have to relinquish her freedom for.

A man, somewhere close to her age of twenty eight, came waltzing out of the crowd wearing a shrewd look. His silkily, blond hair and regal attire made him easy to identify.

He stopped at a uncomfortably close distance in front of her; his form's shadow loomed over her blocking out her dearly, beloved sun. Donna's eyes looked up at him in horror.

This... This... This was...

"... the prince of new Europe..." she whispered in horror. Her eyes drifted you his left shoulder. His coats empty sleeve fluttered in the could autumn wind. She... She had done that to him...

Donna was the one who had seat off the mine that blew off his arm. Her eyes slowly traveled back to his tense smile and scheming eyes. The woman started quivering like a leaf.

The government hadn't arranged a marriage between her and there top officers. They did something far worse to her...

They sent her to her death...

Her forest green eyes looked at all of the buttons that were placed in front of her. There were five left meaning...

One of the seven nations had sat out. Her eyes looked to her commanding officer, the one that had brought out the ceremonial buttons. The sadness in his eyes was all the affirmation she needed.

New North American had not put a button in...

They had handed her over to the enemy as a peace offering...

Donna's knees gave out on her and she fell to the floor in utter shock. She stared at the button in the palms of her hands.

It laid there innocently staring back at her, glimmering in the sun's rays. Her own kingdom... Her own people... Her eyes slowly rose to meet her sister's red, watery ones... Her own family...

They had all given her away to the people, she had been fighting against only a few months earlier.

People who had lost something far more important and dangerous then anything thing she had lost herself... These men had lost their pride...

They had lost it, because they had been defeated by a woman.

Donna's breathing began to pick up as she began to hyperventilate. She could barely hear the malicious, false jolly laughter of the European prince.

The toast and clings of everyone's crystal glasses were slowly growing more and more distant. The false light and cheery chatter surrounding her was mute.

All that Donna could her was the sound of the war drums, the call of the trumpet, and the thumping of he own heartbeat.

Then, a sudden pain exploded from her chest and for the first time ever, she prayed for this heart attack to be the one that ended her.

A year and a half has gone by now...

For over a six months, Donna had stayed strong, but how is a girl suppose to resist a guy like that?

Peering over the top of the book she was reading, Donna eyed her French husband, Valentin, as he swam laps in their pool. He has began teaching her so many things.

Being a child born in the war and in a place where poverty struck hard, Donna never really got to experience things modern day kids had when she was young.

No, she grew up in a farm house somewhere in the central area, where the sixth major attack had crippled the land and had stripped old America from this title of "bread basket of the world."

She never new things such has "technology" was still around. Nor did she know that "technology" could be used in a way to have Valentin's arm be replaced by another "robot" arm.

Donna giggled from behind the pages of her old book. She was learning new things everyday, but her main focus was to learn the New European language, so that she could talk to Valentin.

She was required to learn how to read her language when she was enlisted. But, she wanted to be able to talk to Valentin without the use of this "translator" machine around her neck.

Donna's mood dimmed at the thought of the device around her neck. Slowly, she brought up her hand and rested her finger tips around the machines bulky battery.

The thing was degrading to have on. She hated it. Even Valentin said that she looked ugly with it more then a few times. Maybe if she tried to take it off...? No, then Valentin will get mad.

Donna subconsciously hugged herself. She didn't know why, but the thought of Valentin getting mad made her want to run and hide. She didn't know why though.

He hasn't hit her or hurt her in anyway like he had promised the night he had then her home from the hospital... When things had started out, she'll admit things were rough.

They often got into vicious argument which would promptly lead her blacking out from hyperventilating.

Valentin said she passed out a lot back then time; that even a little agreement ended up with her blacking out. The castle doctor called them "panic attack blackouts."

However, most of the time she couldn't even remember how they got into a argument or the events that lead up to it.

According to the stress journal she kept, her and Valentin had kept at this for a good ten months. She remembered very few moments with her husband during this time.

The doctor said a lot of her missing memory was due to the amount of time she spent dead on the ER table.

She put the pieces together and guesses almost nearing the end of the tenth month, her and Valentin must have had a really bad fight which caused another bad heart attack and lead to her two month coma.

During that time, Valentin would visit her everyday. She could hear him talk to her in his native tongue.

He took the collar- device off of her when she was hospitalized and had said, "There was no reason for her to wear such a ugly thing in public."

Donna was glad he did so, she would have been mortified if the other girls saw her in that.

Donna frowned at the ugly bruise marks that marred her arm. Yah, her and Valentin still fought sometimes and she still doesn't remember about what most of the time...

This time was the first time, he has actually ever physically grabbed her and she could tell he regret's it.

Usually, he apologizes in the sweetest of ways, but instead of buying her flowers, jewelry, chocolate, or one of the new books she was always talking about.

This man has given her something so much more special...

Donna smiled happily as she gazed at the antique ring placed on her finger.

Valentin once told her back before both of them had entered the world, marriage was something that you choose.

She of course already knew this, because her father used to tell stories of his and momma's wedding night, but let she him explain the concept of and engagement ring and a wedding ring.

Then, before she realized what he was doing he got down on one knee and proposed to her.

He wanted her to think about the decision.

He was giving her a choice!

How sad is she and how cruel of him, right? Like a girl could ever have a choice in this world I built for this story. It was a mistake that she was in enlisted in the army, you know.

It was her mistake going into battle. It was a unhealthily mistake for her to keep on fanaticizing. But you know dear readers... It was OK; sometimes mistakes work out for the better.

Now here's a question? Do I keep going for or stop here and let Donna keep believing she will ever have a choice?

Or do we dig deeper and find out what's going on with Valentin.

Is he really thinking about giving this girl a choice? Is there something more going on such as a budding romance?

It's in your hands now...

You choose if this endless streak of mistakes will end here, or if the next choice will happen.

So what is it?

Denial or Reality?

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