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Chapter One: Happy Birthday Part Two haunting stories

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A story were one girl wish for a non-mundane life turns into a nightmare. Having to juggle school life, "family" problems and an evil, manipulative, curious demon, while not being killed by everyday "freak accidents", Norine struggles to stay sane and not give in. Give in to what? She doesn't even know that herself. She just needs to stay alive, and try to get rid of Norm.

Norm Chapter One: Happy Birthday Part Two

Norine's temper began to raise, but she stayed quiet.

The sound of footsteps approached her from behind. It was Anthony Zimmer other one of Samuel's friends.

He put his hand her desk causing Norine to look up from her assignment. Anthony let out a wolf whistle.

He came down to her level and gave her a stare that would have her friend Sadie turn to goo.

"Man, have you gotten prettier since the last class?"

The boys behind her hooted. Luckily, she's not Sadie. Norine gave him an unimpressed stare.

"Do you honestly thing that would work on any girl?" she sneered with her nose up in the air.

"Seriously, I have seen roadkill with more brains and theirs' were spattered all over the concrete.Try to be more original at least."

The group joked at the guys expense. Anthony laughed, too.

Then, he hummed in a deep voice and shifted a little closer, "Hm... Aren't you feisty? I like them feisty,"

Make's the chase much more worth it."

Ok, now she was getting uncomfortable. This guy was all up in her face and her temper was raising rapidly. If he didn't back off soon, she was going to sock him.

Suddenly, Anthony was pulled away from her.

"Knock it off, Anthony." Growled Samuel. "Rebecca will find out."

Anthony snorted. "You and I both know that 'Becca is a total whore. In fact..."

He looked at Norine with hungry eyes. "She might even enjoy another girl to have fun with."

"Dude! This is Norine we're talking about! Look at her!" Samuel roughly pulled Norine out of her chair.

"Ow!"she hissed angerly. She rubbed her abused wrist and glared at Samuel then the Samuel's friends.

Samuel continued. "All she wears are jackets, jeans and boots. Under that jacket, I seen how big her muffin top is. Her tits are small, too.

Her hair is so plan, and it's a bit messed up too. Because, she tried to give herself long bangs like Kristen, and failed horribly.

You can't see it because her daddy paid a professional to fix it. She's snobby, pampered and has the most annoying laugh!"

Norine's heart twisted at each flaw Samuel pointed out. Her anger had spiked drastically from when he started and she about to blow when Samuel pointed out her weakness point.

"I mean look at her eyes! Their so dark that there practically black. She looks so creepy-!"

Norine stepped in front of her ex-friend and slapped him.

She slapped him hard right across his face.

Samuel went down and looked up to see who hit him and froze. Norine stood above him crying.

Her first were clenched tight on the sleeves of her jacket and she was biting her lip hard to keep herself from sobbing harder. Tears ran down her face and as she glowered at him angrily.

"You're an Asshole." She choked out between stuttering breaths.


Then, she ran out of the room and he...

He felt his own heart clench horribly.

His friends and classmates stared at him. Some had the look of disgust written on their face, others had the look of shock. The Long twins looked at him with revolted horror.

"Bro..." murmured Drew. "That was harsh..."

"Yah... I think you took it to far, Samuel." muttered Nancy. She was friends with Sam, but what he said took things way too far.

Never had she seen Norine look so hurt, and she hate to admit it, but she took part in a lot of the shit that Norine had to deal with. The constant jibs, the pranks, and a rumor too.

For what it was worth, Norine was one tough cookie in that case. She took everything in strive and laughed about it later.

But, everything had a breaking point...

She guessed Norine just met hers.

The worst part was Nancy had no real reason to do those things to her. She just wanted to fit in, and make fun of the lawyer's daughter.

The one everyone hated for no reason, besides that the fact is her dad puts people in jail.

People who deserve it, whether they be parents of the students that go here isn't really Norine's fault. Sometimes...

Sometimes, Nancy really hated this town.

"I-I'm gonna go follow her." She stated as she got up. She liked being a follower and to go against the group or to do something on her own is not something she would usually do.

Nancy looked at her brother and he nodded. He followed her, and said, "Yah. I better come, too."

Anthony sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, "Yah. I guess I owe her an apology. I was being a real jerk. You coming, Sa-"

Nancy cut him off. "No, leave him. I don't think he'll help much. Drew, you look in the west wing. Anthony, you in the east. I'll check outside."

Scene: Somewhere else...

"There, there dear. There is no need to cry."

Norine jumped out of her skin and whirled around. She was on her way to James' house to take refuge and comfort, when this creepy, unknown voice spoke to her.

She stood in front of a quaint little home. The owners were apparently having a yard sale for she saw all sorts of trinkets and nick-knacks.

Norine's dark-coal eyes looked around trying to find someone to match the voice with, but there was no one.

No one was even running the yard sale actually, there was just a bowl sitting on a rickety stool with a sign saying,

"Everything is a dollar. Please leave money here."

Norine sniffled and wiped the last of her tears away. She soon found herself browsing up and down the tables and in the racks. Shopping always did make her feel better.

After she touched almost every single ancient doodad and old sixties gown, she pondered what kind of person would sell such historical things for such a low price.

Items like these should be put into a museum somewhere not sold. Norine huffed. People just didn't value history like they used, too.

Finished with her window-shopping, she turned to leave when she saw it.

It was the cutest and slightly creepy cat doll.

It sat in a dusty wicker basket with its a knitted body and stubby arms and feet over its belly and pigeon-toed as it sat.

The tail was hanging out of the basket and looked to be the size of its body.

The kitty-cat's ears were made of something like silk. For eyes it had two huge, gold buttons with pink triangle for a nose.

His head was so big that his neck couldn't really support it and he kind of looked as dejected as Norine felt right now.

Norine picked up the doll and felt the soft fabric of its ears.

It was heavenly. She really wanted this toy.

Norine reached behind her to unzip her backpack and found nothing but air.

She had forgotten she had left it at school.

Mood now even worst then before, Norine hugged the cat to her chest then set it down in the wicker basket again.

She shoved her hands in her pockets and walked to the side walk.

As she neared the edge of the grass, something shined in the street and caught her eye. Norine first checked for any vehicles and trotted out to inspect the object.

The teenager bent down and picked up a gold coin. As Norine inspected it, she soon realized it was a deformed, one-dollar coin! Childlike glee filled her.

The coin was a bit strange and had an individual on it that she really didn't know. But, then she didn't know any people that were on the on the one-dollar coins, and she really didn't care.

Norine turned around to buy stuffed cat toy when a loud horn blasted her ears.

Norine whipped her head to the side and her heart froze.

There was a loud, screech from the car's tires.

She heard her body make solid, 'thud'.

And she felt the pain.

Then, everything went white.

And, the last thing she remembered hearing was an old woman's voice saying, "Thank you for your purchase."

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