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nico_bre Community member
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Throughout the day I'm always so tired, but then at night, for some reason, I can never fall asleep. I don't think I'm the only one.


Tired hovers over me at all time.

A cloud, watching me.

Sometimes distant,

Sometimes close.

But most of the time, fog.

Surrounding me in a loose embrace.

Not letting me play.

Not letting me run.

Not letting me go.

Not letting me live my life.

However, it leaves me at night,

Not letting me sleep,

Despite my everfalling eyelids.

Then at dawn, it comes again.

Too late to sleep now.

It follows me around all day,

Disrupting any activity I try to do.

All I want is sleep.

I want to recharge my battery.

Relax, for a few hours a day.

But tired won’t let me have it.

All I want is energy.

I want to be able to go out, do things, enjoy my life.

But tired won’t let me have that either.

So, instead,

I sit in a corner,

Surrounded by the fog,

And cry myself awake.

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