The Voices in my Head (Intro/Explanation)
The Voices in my Head (Intro/Explanation) confusing stories
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nico22436 Ok so like why?? Just why?
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Sooo like. . . . .

The Voices in my Head (Intro/Explanation)

Sooo like I have split personalities

I have five in total not including myself

In my head they live in a shack (I'm poor even in my imagination)

They are always arguing even when I take my medicine

If I don't take my medicine then they can take control

When they come out it's usually Trevor, Lily, or Cindy

Cindy is always happy no matter what. Legit there's constant laughter in my head

Lily is fear and sadness. She cries at the slightest thing

Trevor is a stoner and he's hella chill about everything

Brittany is disgusted with everyone and everything. She doesn't really come out tho

Dylan is a psychopath. Thats all I'm gonna say

When they take control everything goes black and I don't know whats going on at all

Tell me what you guys think in the comments please

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