Lost In Time
Lost In Time au-2018 stories

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Lost In Time

A young man, maybe fifteen, blew air into a bottle and sealed it shut. No reason, just for the sake of his boredom. The class period ended once the teacher finished the lesson, but this was a long one.

The class soon ended and the boy was very curious. Two guards stood by a door near the forbidden part of the school. The door seemed old, which was very weird, considering all the doors had been updated and time didn't exist to destroy anything.

The boy waited for the guards to go on break, curiosity getting the best of him.

He opened the door, silently, begging himself not to get caught again. But what he saw made him very confused.

Clocks, watches, stopwatches, and even phones were scattered all over the room. He didn't know what exactly they were though. Time was never explained to him. He picked up a watch and slid it onto his wrist.

He tapped it twice and it started ticking making a scream come out of him. The door hit the wall with a crash as someone barged in. The principal.

"You're in a lot of trouble, boy." Her voice sent chills down his spine. "Welcome to the room of time, did you enjoy your little adventure? Because, its the last one you're going to have for the next six class periods."

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