I Got Drunk...
I Got Drunk... stories
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nicki17Troubled Author with a wild mind.
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I Got Drunk...

by nicki

He was hurting

He went to the bar to relieve his pain.

He drank

One after another, the drinks kept coming.

After a while he couldnt control himself anymore

He knew he would not remember anything in the morning

When he woke up

His head was pounding and he found himself somewhere he had not been before

With a girl he did not know

She was very sweet and kind

She tried to help him

Although he pushed her away

He went home

To where his wife waited, worried, and impatient

She asked him-"where were you? I've been worried."

He knew she would leave him, "I got drunk..." he stated nervously.

She knew what that meant. She packed her bags and left.

Leaving him upset and alone on their honeymoon...

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