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nicholecholodew I don’t know what I’m doing
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You play such a funny role my sweet shadow Tease me, I love you


You play such a funny role my sweet shadow

Tease me, I love you

Hiding from me in plain sight

You stay buried deep in my finger tips

Like a warmth, I feel this familiar sense of trust

I enjoy giving into you, watching as the light fades and your familiar face rises

Hello again my love

Is that was this is? A broody love affair with my shadow?

Come out to play

Let me bask in your depth

Like the evening you come slowly

And like the night you consume everything all at once

Leave me breathless and blind

Can others see you too?

Do you play your tricks in their mind?

I can only watch


I’m sorry I don’t grin when you visit

This love affair of mine

I know I’m never alone

You’re always in tow

You can have me whenever you’d like

My mind is yours for the taking

Oh the places we go

The things I cannot see

How sweetly blind you make me

My shadow

Don’t let me hide from you

I crave the fire you give me

That burning that rises from my chest with every breath

The doubt settles in and I cannot help but welcome you with an open mind and closed eyes

I see you

In the glances of others, you smile at me

Reminding me of your existence

Don’t ever leave me, my doting shadow

Your pride wake me for the next day

I’m forever faithful to you

Caress my hair darling

Comfort me

Keep me company

Linger a while

Find me in the day and chase me into the evening, no matter the time

I am yours and you are mine

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