I'm not okay (part 1)
I'm not okay (part 1) writing stories

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A story if you're into reading for hours. Comment "MORE" if you want me to make a part 2. Remember, this is an expirement.

I'm not okay (part 1)

I stared down in disbelief...

Shards of splintered glass all over the blood stained floor.

I looked up to see my antagonist...

A wispy haired elderly man, stood there...

With limbs like twigs and hunger in his eyes...

I woke that morning, in a pool, no a lake, of my own sweat.

I couldn't focus in school that day...

That man, he had a certain look in his eye...

A piercing, acute look that made me think he'd be back.

But of course, it was nonsense...

Just like most of the good things in my life.

As the school bus pulled into my driveway,

I knew something was wrong.

I jumped off, and for whatever reason, started running.

I shot through the front door, and locked it firmly...

I rushed into my room but the minute I turned the corner...

Everything became black.

The man was there, I felt it.

Heavy breathing noises soon occupied the room.

And then the glass broke.

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