It begins with a thought
It begins with a thought insomnia stories
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nicholasdenning Community member
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My experience with insomnia

It begins with a thought

Its just a small though, nothing out of the ordinary

Perhaps it’s something you need to do tomorrow, or something you did wrong at work

Regardless, it grabs hold and doesn’t let go

Your anxiety starts to get the better of you

And then it starts to pick up speed

And other thoughts join the cacophonous rattle, rapidly switching from one to the next as you lie there

You wonder when you will fall asleep as the hours seem to stretch on

You try not to look at the time so you don’t calculate how much sleep you’d get if you nodded off RIGHT NOW

You try to calm yourself down as best you can using every trick in the book, but it doesn’t work

11:15 12:42 1:37 2:45 3:18 Time passes

And just when you think your won’t ever fall asleep, that you are doomed to walk through the foggy world the next day unrested

The inky blackness envelopes you in its dreamless embrace

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