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Love is never what we expect it to be. Because of this, it is indescribable.

It is hard to fit words into this story

To describe the way I watched you from afar

Your eyes were not accustomed to the sight of me, and though I had never looked at you before, I knew I wanted to watch some more

You were never a constant, at least not at first, but you were always there somewhere in the background

The first time you got caught in my orbit I did not even notice, barely gave you a glance

far too focused on weaving my way into a different galaxy

trying to make a mark on another planet

The first time I noticed you, you were painted in midnight blue, and too busy looking for your yellow star

I had never felt more green

To hide it, I covered myself in white rings made out of flimsy ribbons, desperately trying to hide the colour from you… and me

Still, though I knew I was not what you were looking for, I left my own mark

Lips quickly pressing against yours, only to run away to make it back by curfew

I convinced myself it was all for fun, and maybe, at the time, it was

I cannot recall exactly how we fell back into each other’s’ pull, but I do remember how desperately I wanted to stay

But you said that you wanted free space

So we talked from a distance, and for a while, I left my white ribbon rings in place

But this time, was different, this time I left you my coordinates and you gave me yours

As we rotated through space, I unwrapped my ribbons and showed you my colours, and you responded in kind

After that, our orbits were never far

I convinced myself that I would not stay so close to you, that there was so much of this galaxy I wanted to explore, many more planets were waiting just for me

But each and every time I thought of leaving, I would just float closer towards your surface, asking if I could see more

And each time, you would pull away pieces of your atmosphere, let me pull at your surface, dig out your mantle, until I finally got to see your core

Though it burned, I would always try to respond in kind

It was only until we finally crashed into each other, settling into each other’s skin, touching parts we had always been reaching for, that I realised, we were not planets

That this metaphor could not do us justice, that love was not so easily explained

I thought I had Love all figured out

But how could I possibly know everything about us, when I barely knew myself

Only recently have I uncovered this truth, something I think you always knew but I always skimmed over

You are not my answer, you are not the piece of my puzzle

I cannot mend your broken parts, and you cannot fix mine

You are not my solution, and I am not yours – no matter how desperately I tried to be

I am not the spine that holds you upright, and you are not the feet that keep me moving forward, we have our own bones that hold us together

People do not complete each other, they were never meant to

Instead, we press our palms together, our lips to prayer, and hold our arms around each other

always ready to lend a hand, but never our hearts

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