To my man in a 🧔🏽,

To my man in a 🧔🏽,
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Somewhere at the back of our minds, we all have that “PERFECT ONE” figured out. We’re all just afraid to admit to it. This story is about overcoming those fears, and letting it all out into the universe. My perfect man is the one with the beard, who’s yours ??

To my man in a 🧔🏽,

You’re the kind of man, I plan to fight with- over the house, over a gallon of Nutella, over the blanket, and in a pillow fight

Cooking spaghetti, white sauce of course, on a cozy friday night, making a complete mess yet coming up with something more remarkable than the dish itself

Getting drunk over the slightest sip of wine and you tucking me to bed like your baby

You in a beard and me in my curly, wacky hair and eyes that get lost in the immensity of those oceans you carry with you in your eyes

You make me want to grow old. You make me want to cook you meals, even tho they’ll turn out just the way mom’s does - a bit more toasty but definitely not burnt

You make me want to bully you into doing chores so I can get some extra sleep.

You make me want those warm hugs at night, and those reassuring forehead kisses that can take away any fear instantly.

You make me crave a future together, moreover you make me want it more and more

I plan on ageing gracefully with you; telling the twins how they were GMOs and how momma and daddy were stuck apart in the pandemic

I plan on spending sleepless nights with you, in bringing up our three monkeys, rather orang-utans ⚠️: We’ll turn out to be pretty insane

I plan to be there for your first job, first promotion, first business takeover because yes, I see you persuading your dreams and not ours ✨

I plan on holding you tight when you cry at our wedding and at the hospital, even tho having kids would be regretful

I plan to calm you down when you scream your lungs out at Real’s matches and at soccer practice, because my son is playing only soccer period

I plan to get equally excited if not more about spoiling the interiors of those brand new cars that you buy ( I’ll try behaving with the Mustang tho)

I want you to lay in my arms after a long, tiring day and tell me how much you hate people, while I flicker my fingertips through your hair

I want to be the girl you see standing next you, right behind your mom, undoubtedly, in all your achievements

I want you to cry on my shoulders when you scold our kids for the first time

I want you to giggle with me when we judge other couples at restaurants

I want you to keep my phone, my wallet and other essentials because I for sure will forget

I want you to keep me, cherish me, and forever me mine just as I’ll be yours

Oh my man in a beard, you make the future so exciting. I can’t wait for it to begin already ♥️♥️

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