Life is....extraordinarily weird.
Life is....extraordinarily weird.  time travel stories

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"Max," Her voice echoed in my dreams, my daydreams, my waking thoughts.

Life is....extraordinarily weird.


Her voice echoed in my dreams, my daydreams, my waking thoughts.

Chloe Price.

My best friend.

My dead best friend.

At least, currently, as Warren kept saying, 'Max, you'll find a way to get Chloe back again'

What if I had limited amounts of rewinds?

What if I couldn't get Chloe back?

I could only hope that somehow the universe wouldn't be that cruel. That somehow, I could be with the girl I had always wanted to be with.

The thing was, it didn't matter what Chloe and I were, best friends, something more... she just meant everything to me. She was gone, again...

I don't think anyone knows quite like me how it is to lose someone you care for over and over again... that you could.


The voice again.


Though this time, it wasn't just me thinking about her.

It had come about on it's own, like a ripple in a lake. Chloe.

Chloe? I thought back to it.

Think again.

Chloe's POV

Chloe, Chloe, Chloe. Where art thou Chloe?

Even her voice in my head could crack amusing utterances.

Um...shit, Rachel? I thought, because that's how people communicated in this shit storm. Through thought.

Right now, I was communicating with the first girl who had changed me, again. Rachel Amber.

She was certainly a game-changer, but she wouldn't have it any other way.

Her voice, her eyes, her beauty was so...easy, like it didn't take you much to think she was beautiful and almost everyone thought she was beautiful.

Then I thought back to Max, was this bad? Was it bad I was in the after life again due to a run-in with Jeffershit and now I was talking to Rachel.

"Rach...this is fucked up. After life? After what now? Where are we?

Slow down on the questions, Price. Listen, Max couldn't save you, again. And I'm tired of this shit going down, so I have a proposition. It could kill Max and everything but, it could save us.

So here we go, Max rewinds back to when I'm still alive, with my flannel, and proves that she can rewind time.

I mean, I'll probably understand because I have my own powers, though you know that and ....

Wait, backtrack, Rachel. Max could die? No, fuck no.


I'm serious. I'd rather be fucking dead.

Chloe, if we stay here, we die.

Uh, we're already dead. How can this get any more...well, dead?

Chloe, if we stay here, we completely fade from existing at all. Done, nada. Chloe and Rachel gone forever.

Well, that didn't sound all too great.

It doesn't does it?

Shit, can you read all of my thoughts?

Yup, Price, I can.

And we can communicate with Max?


And that was how the two of us started to communicate with my living best friend, Maxine Caulfield.

After everything that girl had put me through, I still couldn't stay mad at her, because I had put her through a lot of shit too, what with me dying multiple times, sometimes my fault...

That, and, she had saved me, she had these weird...powers, like some supernatural gay princess or something...

I mean, here I was idealising my best friend over being able to rewind time while the girl herself didn't even know how she could do it.

I didn't want to fade away, but she was worth it, she was worth everything.

I couldn't let Max fucking Caulfield die, when I deserved it.

Stop that. Rachel spoke in my thoughts again now.

You don't deserve it.

She said, more persistently.

Who's to say I'm not deserving of it?


Well, she had a point there.

I'm always right.

Just don't get smug.

Chloe...Max can save us, Max, you, and I, we could be safe, we could end this death loop. It's the only way, she has to save me too.

Like...some weird prophecy.

Exactly, like that.

I guessed it made sense, in some weird messed up way. Max was like the doctor...just less alien and more adorably annoying, and shit, I missed her.

So, what now? I asked.

Simple. We talk to Max, Chloe, and we get her ass to save our asses.


Max's POV

Okay Casper, Victoria Chase's hopes and dreams, Nathan Prescott, Jeffershit after the storm destroyed the town uh..

It's Rachel, Max. The voice spoke back to me.

Should have known. Or perhaps not.... Rachel? She was dead.

I AM dead but...listen, Max. You need to listen. She repeated.

Listening. I said. Well, let's make that thought.

I still couldn't believe I was talking to Rachel freaking Amber, as Chloe would've put it.

You need to save us Max. You need to rewind to when I was still alive.

This was crazy...

So, being the girl that I was, you knew I was going to do it. I needed to get my best friend back, and if there was a chance to save the girl that mattered to her the most then...I would do it.

There's just one minor issue... Chloe thought.

What's that? I asked.

You really might not like it, Max. Rachel replied, which led me to wondering what in tarnation was going on...was this going to end up with my head on a spiked pole outside an orc hut, or was Jeffershit going to take photos of my intestines wrapped around my neck...oh, how my thoughts changed after all the shit I went through. That, and, I was reminded of the picture in the dark room. Fuck that place. could die. Rachel's voice spoke.

I sighed, knew that one was coming...if only I had payed more fucking attention. Things couldn't go your way anymore, Max. It was time you stopped playing dolls and dresses and lived in the real world. Chloe doesn't love you, she never did. You just want the attention...that's all you really want. You would only save their asses if you got rewarded, isn't that right? mind- and dream self, let me make that nightmare self- could be a serious bitch sometimes.

Why did the universe have to hate me though, forreals. For cereals.

Chloe would've probably scoffed then, that wasn't if hers and Rachel's voices hadn't seemingly flashed away from existence. I wondered where the two of them had gotten to.

But there wasn't enough time for wondering, it was time my bony ass rewinded back and saved my best friend and her 'perfect' lover Rachel...if she was so perfect then how had she gotten us dumped in so much shit.

Seriously though...perhaps it was time I took a chill pill, or a leaf out of Jason's book, the dude loved to smoke. It was time to be a hero.

So I did what any eighteen year old girl with time rewinding powers and a craving for death (haha, but seriously) would do, and began to rewind, I held my hand out in front of me and briefly wondered how it had gotten so damn skinny...and then, I felt it, that fusion of particles in the air, the reversal of breathe on a mirror, the wind moving the opposite direction and speech moving backwards. I'm on my way, Chloe Price.

Oh too, Rachel, can't forget about you now, can I?

Unfortunately it seems that you, Chloe Price, can't forget about her either.

Couldn't blame her though, my blue haired partner in crime had a little crush for the princess of bad luck and heart ache...

Suddenly, I was aware of what was happening. I was certainly made explicitly aware of what was going on at least, because time froze. Like water placed at the back of a cold know, any refrigerator that hasn't packed up or broken, time froze, and then I was face to face with sixteen year old Chloe.

Wowser...I was finally here. Finally, I could put things right.

"Uh...what the fuck, Max? You sneak in through a window or something or am I dreaming..."

"Chloe, there's not much time. I'm here because I need to save you and..." I felt my voice crack as the tears began to come through, I couldn't take it, the universe was tearing me apart, what it was putting Chloe through was fucking tearing me apart.

"Dude...Max, I don't know what's going on...perhaps I'm tripping balls or something, but Max, I believe you."

I just quickly ran over to her and hugged her. This was fine....I was just hugging the version of Chloe that felt abandoned by me. You've cheated life, Max. Get over your fucking self.

I wish that my thoughts weren't so damn cruel all the time, I just wanted what was best for her right? I wasn't just thinking about myself?

Then why did you leave me? I remembered her words the moment I left Arcadia Bay...perhaps me leaving was a curse, I was the problem, perhaps.

I didn't have time to get all overly emotional...I needed to save Chloe, get Rachel safe and skip on out of there with a smile on my face. That was if I could manage it, of course.

Chloe and I ran to Rachel's place, and Rachel looked between the two of us, her eyebrows furrowed.

"What the fuck, Chloe? You won't give me an explicit reason for ignoring my calls and now you're here with..."

Max fucking Caulfield, pleasure to be at your service, princess.

Of course, I didn't actually say that...I wasn't nightmare me, thankfully. I just explained to Rachel what was going on and after some persistence she exhaled, pinching the bridge of her nose, and then turning to us with red eyes, as if she had been crying.

Some part of me felt bad. You know, the part of me that wasn't scared to death about everything that was currently happening in my life, driving me insane and pushing me to a point where I didn't even know what was happening anymore.

I just needed Chloe like a cactus needs it's spikes for protection.

I could come up with some weird similes, that was for sure.

"If you need anymore evidence...I have this shirt," I said, chucking the flannel to Rachel as the three of us began to head to Chloe's brand new was weird seeing it like this, all non-beaten up, it almost looked as if it wasn't Chloe's...she had a habit of wrecking things.

"Rachel, come on..." I heard Chloe say, and then it felt as if my lungs were collapsing.


Chloe's voice was the last thing I heard before everything faded to black.

Chloe's POV

I couldn't believe it. Max fucking Caulfield was back in my life again, becuase the crazy chick had somehow found out she had powers that she could rewind time with and had to end some weird doomed death loop by saving Rachel from her own death. Still, I had no clue what the causes of it were.

Max's POV

Is this death? I mean, Victoria Chase was more the dramatic one but...was this it? Was I finally getting my payback from trying to save my best fucking friend from dying, is this it, universe? Thanks a lot, sincerely, one pissed off gay girl.

Max! Please, wake up!

I don't think anyone apart from people who have been put into a coma can truly resonate how it feels to be in a coma knowing that i can't respond to the girl that i just...shit

I was dying, and Chloe didn't know how I felt, how I had always felt for her.

I was going to drown, perhaps not literally, but mentally, spiritually, I felt like my life was being drained...and that might not be solely because I was hooked up to a life support machine.

Beep beep, beep beep, beep beep.

The hospital noises were almost obnoxious.

Come on, Caulfield. Wake yourself up, do rewinded so far back in an attempt to save Rachel that you can make it through this.

At least, that's what I thought, before I actually died.

Chloe's POV

Max.... Max Caulfield was dead.

"She saved our asses, Chloe she just..."

Max's POV

Luckily the whole dead thing didn't last too long, because the next time I had the ability to open my eyes, I was in some of Chloe's old pyjamas lying on her to her, on her bed.

My phone buzzed.

How's my second favourite cinnamon roll doing this morning?

Rachel Amber, huh? Of all people, I never expected to get a text from her, but she was alive, and Jeffershit had been imprisoned.

For once, the universe was on my side.

"Chloe?" I questioned, feeling the blue-haired beauty move beside me, getting another cigarette of weed.

"I swear, Max, you're the only one that calls them that,"

Shit...had I been speaking out loud again?

Apparently so.

"Max fucking Caulfield," she smirked, and leaned over to press her lips against my own, and kept kissing, as if one kiss alone wasn't enough.

At least, it wasn't enough for me, and I felt I could finally feel at peace kissing her because, well, we were alive. We were together. We were infinite.

"Chloe..." "Maxine Caulfield," Chloe smiled.

"You know, saving our butts, it's a great look for you," she laughed gently.

I swore her laugh was infectious, it drove me crazy, but I loved it.

"I love you, Max."

Chloe had finally said the words I could have only thought she would have...

I mean, we told each other that all the time as friends, but this time it meant so much more.

"You gonna leave me hanging?" she gave a wry smile, I just shook my head, smiling ridiculously, too.

"Chloe Price, I love you," I stated, meaning it with every faucet of my being. She was all I needed, the person you think you want to be with, the one you fantasize about, Chloe was them, and it had taken me a rough three years to figure that out, but shit, it was worth it.

Sometimes, the universe is on your side, sometimes you develop crazy illogical powers that save your ass over and over....sometime's the universe is just incredibly on your side, and that is when life is...extraordinarily weird.

The end <3

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