The Kozarts - Chapter 2
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Part 2 Romona is gagged and chained up to a bed

The Kozarts - Chapter 2

Romona is gagged and chained up to a bed

Tyler: "Yea X you finally about to get some." X & Bunny's baby brother, Tyler says. Looking at Romona X: ”Tyler go somewhere” Tyler rolls his eyes.

Romona is crying & screaming through her gagged mouth X and Romona are staring at each other X goes up to Romona Romona makes a somber sound

X takes out a knife

He raises his arm high then plunges his knife downward towards Romona

Romona screams in fear

But instead of stabbing into her, he stabs the bedpost The knife, now hangs out of the bedpost

X then turns around and exits the room.

(Fast forward to the next day)

X walks into Romona's captivity room

X: "You wake up early "

Romona: ..

X "What's your name? "

Romona has no response

X grabs onto romona's arm and yanks her up

X: "Hey answer me, i'm talking to you, I said what's your name? "

Romona: " R- Romona..." X:" Hmm Romona that's a nice name" X smiles

Romona: " your-... a terrible person, you and your family... " Romona says, very shaky in the voice

Romona: "You guys have something to do with the masked men, don't you?, or you're one of them?"

X: "Bingo!, yes well those are my people, my families people."

Romona:" You shot at so many people, you-" Romona starts crying

Romona starts crying

X: " Lmao, i'm not so terrible. If I was so terrible you would be dead right now"

X takes out his knife and goes up to Romona

Romona backs up as x gets close to her face

X: "You know I like you, Romona, i do, your so innocent, were so different, you never experienced any real pain "

X: " You just been living in your sweet world huh "

X: " Come here lets go for a walk "

X grabs romona up and walks her to his brothers room

X: " You see my brother he - he's a little different " X opens a door

There's news papers pinned up, all over the wall. Diamond watches, shoes, necklaces on shelf's.

Romona looks around

Romona: "What is all this?", Romona starts to read.

"Tony Korzone found dead in vainsvile park"

"Famous Millionaire Armin Townsend, house raised of jewlery and money from his safe"

"Roney Barnes dies in a hit and run at age 22"

X: "You must be confused.This is a collection, it's collection of people we've dealt with over the years. Articles. Stuff we collected, a bunch of shit"

Romona shakes a little, as she now looks down at the floor Romona: "that you dealt with?"

X: "Yeah, you know..that we killed, robbed and what not."

X lifts romonas head up.

X "Come on, take a goodlook Romona, this is reality"

Romona looks away in disgust

X: " killing is killing, no matter who it is, I guess. But we only kill when we have to and we kinda enjoy what we do, I know I do"

X: "Its our way of life, i enjoy the fights, deaths, the thrills "

X: " I love it..."

Romona breaks free of X She cries and runs into her room

Romona drops and cries on the bed

X " You know Romona, I should let you in on something " X " Your friend, she was actually the scummy one "

Romona " What?"

X: " Well i guess i might as well tell you..."

X "When I knocked you out. While we were leaving the museum. You're so called friend was there, she called out to try to get help for you.

X: "but in the end, when no one came.

She left you behind, if I'm being honest. She barely tried to save you."

Romona: " Your lying"

X: "Whats the point of me lying?"

X: " As she was running away, screaming aaa aaa aa, I shot her, don't know if she survived or not"

Romona looks into space in disraught

X "I'm sorry, i didint wanna fuck up your fairy tail life you know, you finding out your friend is preety shitty but hey like I said before, this is reality."

X: "People do what they have to do, to get by, people Rob, people kill, people are selfish. You can't play nice in this world."

Romona looks at X. With mixed emotions.

Bunny comes into the room.

Bunny: "X, father is looking for you, were having the meeting now"

X: "Ah I forgot"

X: "I'll talk to you later Romona"

X along with his brother bunny go downstairs to meet their father. In the "structure room" as they call it.

When X and Bunny open the door

Father X is sitting in his office chair.

Father X: "I need you guys to go to Oswald's today" Bunny: "Oswald?"

Father X: "Yes, he has a expedition..." Father X: Ri will be accompanying you aswell.

X and Bunny's older brother, Ri, is leaning against the door

X gets startled not noticing him before Bunny jumps up, from being scared

Bunny: "Gosh Ri, you could say something"

X: "Ri is Mad annoying son"

(Ri looks almost identical to X, people always call them twins, sporting long black hair like X but his face, more serious looking and his body more muscular bulit.)

X rolls his eyes

Ri ignores them and walks out the door, to the parking lot

A group of police officers, have sad looks everywhere

Officer Ricky: "This is a disaster"

Officer Sarah: "So many innocent lives taken, and we couldn't do a damn thing, they wiped out most of our officers on the job, HOW! HOW! "

Officer Ricky throws papers on the floor

Officer Benji: "Who the hell are these guys?"

Officer Ricky: "It seems like the people and officers on scene, were knocked out by some sort of gas and when they awakened, they barely remembered anything.."

Officer Sarah: "What? What kind of gas? You're telling me no one remembers anything?"

Officer Ricky: "They remember that someone attacked and robbed the museum but everytime they were questioned, "who were the people", they say, their faces was a blur..."

Officer Ricky: "They can't place a face on anybody"

Officer Benji: "Now the masked men are using tricks" Benji says, frustrated.

Officer Sarah: "Maybe it wasn't them?"

Officer Benji: "Who else could it be?, there the only ones crazy enough to do shit like this.."

Officer Benji: "This is a real head scratcher though."

Officer Sarah: "Those poor students..."

An officer yells from the crowd of officers "WHAT ARE WE DEALING WITH HERE?”

Romona's dad, Barney, walks in the office, in the mixed of conversation. Soak and wet from the rain.

Officer Ricky: "Sergeant!"

(Other Officers) - SERGEANT!

Bareny walks past the officers, he walks slowly, about to sit down.

Officer Ricky: "Have you heard about the news?, we tried reaching you but -"

Officer Benji: "Sergeant?"

Barney sits down, putting his hands over his face

Barney: "R- Romona is gone...."

(Barney has tears in his eyes)

Officer Sarah: "Romona, your daughter?"

Officer Ricky: "What happen?, what do you mean she's gone?"

Barney: "She was in that museum, she took a trip today with her school group"


Officer Sarah: Oh my...

Barney: Cracking voice) "I- I talked to one of the teachers. He said Romona was in the bathroom, during the evacuation but never returned."

Barney: "I visited the hospital where some of the injured students were and officers, but she was not there..."

Officer Benji: I was on the scene. Well the aftermath..I didn't see her either, even though it was a whole bunch of people running around, it was real hectic.

Barney: "Nobody has seen her, it seems"

Barney: "A girl she always hangs around, I tried calling her family, I thought maybe she might be with her, maybe they escaped together" Barney: “but I checked up on her friend, she was in the hospital, she says she hasn’t seen Romona.”

Barney sheds a tear

Officer Sarah: "This is very pecuilar "

Barney: "I don't know why either, but i'm gonna find out

X, Ri & Bunny are outside their residence. In the parking lot.

X: "Ahh i wonder what were gonna do today"

X: " What car we takin?. "

Bunny: "We should use some cars we don't usually use."

X: "We could use this chrysler, you know just to move low key”

Bunny: "Alright hold up"

Bunny goes into a voss, to get something

Bunny: "Alright I got the key"

He tosses Ri the key

They get in the car and start driving

X: "I always have to sit in the fucking back"

Bunny: "You're the youngest afterall"

X : "tsk you act younger than me..."

X:"You uh have any weed by chance?"

Ri: "No need for you to be smoking right now, we have a task to complete."

X: "Of course you would have to say something.."

X: "I need it to help me relax & shit damn..."

X glares at Ri Ri ignores

X looks out the window

they continue driving

Ri: "Were here.."

The brothers arrive to this all pink building. (Oswalds) They walk up to the front door

Ri knocks

A short bald man with a slight hunch and silver shades, answers the door.

Oswald: "Ah ah Kozarts come in come in"

Oswald: "There's something I need you boys to do" Trio: "?"

Oswald: "Well theres a new thing going on, people are getting high too"

Oswald: "Its like the new crack in a way, not as damaging though, people are getting addicted to this stuff forreal haha"

X: "What is it?"

Oswald: "Its actually a drink, they call it lean, Codeine, they mix this uh cough syrup with soda or some other carbonated drink."

Oswald: "And their just, well, in love with the feeling I susppose. "

Oswald: "Celebrity's glorify it, streets love it..."

Oswald: "but its preety rare, you would need a plug to get it, so to speak or an outside source..."

Oswald: "This stuff is going for alot of money, rappers pay thousands of dollars for it"

Oswald: "I was thinking people might need a source for it, more common people you know"

Oswald: "We could make alot of money off this.."

Bunny: "so how could we get some?"

Oswald: "well the main ingredient is Promethazine cough syrup."

Oswald: "I just need you guys, to retrieve as much bottles as you can from any local pharmacy."

Oswald: "I know you guys could get the job done easy.."

Ri, Bunny and X are in the car

Ri is speeding down the highway

The brothers, now strapped up with weaponry. On the way to the pharmacy.

-Part 2 End

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