The Kozarts - Chapter 1
The Kozarts - Chapter 1 manga stories
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(While Its raining, pouring, thundering outside) A police men of Lyilac city, is being surrounded by five unknown masked men.

The Kozarts - Chapter 1

(While Its raining, pouring, thundering outside)

A police men of Lyilac city, is being surrounded by five unknown masked men.

Police officer - I mean i was just getting scared you know... th-(Stuttering) that's why I wasn't answering calls... (He Nervously laughs)

One of the five masked men pulls out a gun.

Police officer - No no, please I won’t tell anybody about any of this

The gun cocks back

The police officer yells In terror

Gnn spokesperson (linda) - A man was shot to death in a dark alley on Fourteenth street manhattan. His name was revealed to be kwame Johnson. A well known police officer.

Gnn spokesperson (Linda) - The motive is currently unkown, but eye-witnesses are claiming that this is associated with the dangerous group known as the masked men.

Gnn spokesperson (Linda) - “The crazy terrorist group that's been causing mayhem in the city. It seems like the violence is raising more and more eversince-“

Romona: "Someone was killed again?" Barney: " Oh oh Romona your awake" Barney turns off the tv.

Barney: "Yes unfortunately, but you know this will end very soon. Things will go back to normal, I promise. You have nothing to worry about"

Barney:"But hey romona its nine am. Usually you would be on the way to school by now, is it because, today is...."

Romona " No no i'm ok" Romona looks at a picture of her mother Romona " She would'nt want me to be sad.."

Romona "I have a trip today to the art museum dad. You forgot?"

Dad "Oh yeah, I forgot sorry" The doorbells then rings

Romona - “Okay dad Patricia is outside. Were walking to the school, I'll see you later.” Dad - “Ok be careful. Stay by the group, don't wander off" Romona - “I know dad”

- Meanwhile Father X - Are you guys with the class? X - Yes were here father

Father X: You know what to do. I'll be there in eight mins

(Inside the museum for Romonas school trip)

Student 1:Hey who are those guys?

Student 2: Hmm don't know, never seen them before

One of the students walk away, while the other one approaches the boys.

Student - HEY!

The student shouts out

The student walks up to the two unknown teens..

Student - Hey who are you guys. Do you even go to our school?

The two unknown teens look at each other. One signals the the other something.

X continues walking, while his brother Bunny stays with the student.

Bunny kicks the student and slits his throat with a knife..

Teacher: And this class... is the rose mageta. A very rare exquisite painting. Amongst the crowd of Students, X walks among them.

X: This is it...

X alerts his father via cellphone X: I'm in room five-a. I found the painting

Teacher 2 - Hey young men, were going to the next section come along now

Teacher 1 - Hey young men, come along. Were going to the next section.

X pulls out a strap

The people are shocked in fear

X - Get back X - Get the fuck back

Women teacher 3- Oh my

Crowd talking - What, who are they? Crowd talking - HE HAS A GUN!, HE HAS A GUN

X - Nobody move

X points the gun around. An officer, going against the demands. Try's to sneak up behind X.


Bunny- He did say don't move.....

X- hahaha X - Alright alright. You guys should start running now. This isin't a hostage situation. I'm killing everyone, in five..four...three

X begins to shoot at civilians and officers.

A crawling officer reaches for his walkie talkie Police officer - We....Have ... a... a ... code r--

*BANG* Bunny shoots the wounded officer. Techer 2 - STOP IT A teacher screams out

The boys and the officers continue the shoot out.

Father X: Enough fooling around. We have to get the painting

Father X comes on the scene

Him and his guards take the unique painting. Museum Guards: Hey stop! Father X: I'm going to the car. This painting is very important. You guys handle the rest

X: With pleasure.

Patricia -Hey romona you ok? Romona - Oh yeah i'm fine, just thinking Patricia - Look at that, its the jack in stone painting

Romona - I should write some of these down. We will probably be tested on this in school. Patricia - Yeah, your right

Romona - Hey Ms.Lani, where's the bathroom. Teacher - Its near the five-a area. Hurry back, will be in room seven-a Romona- Ok

Patricia- I'll be in the other room Romona. Romona: ok I'll just be going to the bathroom real quick. -Meanwhile

Cop - stop Cop - These kids...

X and bunny are still shooting at the cops.

Romona enters the room in the mixed of commotion & gets caught in the Fray.

They lock eyes on each other

X then grabs onto Romona

Bunny still up and fighting, gets shot in the leg.

Bunny - AHH! Dammit! Bunny yells from the gun shot!

X uses Romona as a hostage

Bunny signals X, that he’s ok. X and Bunny flee the scene. With Romona captive.

Chapter 1 End

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