The Deed is Done Chapter 1: He slashes the boy with a sword, showing no mercy. The mother screaming and shouting with all her might while the guards are pulling her down. "No, no you can't do this. It's not his fault". "The deed is done," the man said
The Deed is Done Chapter 1:

He slashes the boy with a sword, showing no mercy. The mother screaming and shouting with all her might while the guards are pulling her down. "No, no you can't do this. It's not his fault".

"The deed is done," the man said 
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In a world were all evil and evil traces are eliminated by the results of a test. Until, 1 girl finds out and decides to take matters into her own hand.

The Deed is Done Chapter 1: He slashes the boy with a sword, showing no mercy. The mother screaming and shouting with all her might while the guards are pulling her down. "No, no you can't do this. It's not his fault". "The deed is done," the man said

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with evil pleasure. "One more evil threat taken away from our society". He shakes the excess blood of the sword. The man, the leader of the society, Sebastian. The man who murders and thinks it's noble to do so. The man, who has the idea of eliminating all evil and any threats or signs of it. The man who has brainwashed everyone into thinking this is the right way of living.

Sebastian walks towards the car and sits in it feeling ever so proud of the murdering he did today. Like always. Not ever thinking that what he was doing was wrong. Not even daring to think about what what went through the mother as she screamed and shouted. The eliminating of one more that wasn't evil but was likely to be the results showed it and by what he thinks the results are always right.

The boy had more genes of his dad's then his mum's. And his dad was seen as evil. In fact the father had been caught with a gun many times. Who knows he may have used the gun. A man about 27 was found dead in the forest once. Who knows he may have pulled the trigger on him. Why the need for a gun? Wasn't the society safe enough? Why the need to take or have the idea of taking of non-evil souls?

Later he arrived home. The door was open for him and Sebastian got out. Why wouldn't the door be opened for him? After all, he was a leader who helped his society and still is. Well, that's what he thinks. He enters his house to see his daughter Emma so full of innocence washing up the dishes. Not knowing a thing about what his father does.

His wife, Janekim a supporter of his view who had just finished sorting out the books. Finally, his son Ethan the son he was hoping to follow his footsteps becomes just like who was him finding the bows to his arrow.  "Dad", he said dragging the word on. "I can't find my bows to my arrow". "It's okay, dear. We will get you another", he replies Sebastian.

He's about to go in his room until Janekim calls him.  "Is the job done", she loudly whispers so he can hear. "Yes it is", he said quite happily.  Emma heard her parents talk. "What job"? She thought. Emma knew she shouldn't have listened but, the whisper was loud. She was curious. She didn't believe what Alex always told her too.

"A business deal," he would say. "Dad's always making one.'' she thought. When Emma has finished the washing she gets her hoodie. Well not entirely her hoodie it was Alex's too. He gave it to her when they went out the other day and she was feeling cold. "I'm going out", she said in a loud tone. She gets an Okay dear and leaves.                                      

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A sword From The Museum Gift Shop Chapter 2: Emma runs to Alex and glomps him. "I missed you I haven't seen you in so long,"  "We Facetimed in the morning and you spent most of the day with me yesterday. So what do you mean you haven't seen me in ages?" said Alex.

She makes one of her cute faces that she knows he can't resist. "Well every moment without you is like being with you for ages," she said in a crying tone. "Babe I'm just messing with you. You know I missed you too," he says, kissing her lips.  "I know", she said. "I just like it when you do that it's cute."

"Three weeks, five days, twenty hours, 38 minutes, and 24 seconds," they both say together coincidentally. "That's how long we've known each other," they both say together. They go to there favourite café.They did nothing much at the café order the usual drink they have, a latte and go. They pay and then walk out holding hands smiling at each other. "I'll come around your house," said Alex.

"Dads probably home," she replies. "So what," he said. "After all we are "friends"." "There's going to be limits a lot then," she said. She winks and starts laughing. "It's fine," he said, kissing her again "Anything to be with you" She knew how over-protective her dad is if he finds out she's dead for not telling him.  

He will have to make sure he is the right guy she knows how stubborn her father is or bye bye to him They arrive at Emma's house. To see Emma's dad holding a sword. Out of curiosity, Emma asks about it. "Er, it's from the museum gift shop. Last one. Great isn't it?and shiny too! Do you like it?"  "Yeah, cool," she replied. 

The first word that came to her head when she saw the sword was killing. A cold chill went down her spine. Her curiosity took over her. "A sword from the museum gift shop? You said you hate the museum," she said. I know you meant it because you didn't go with us when we went." Emma was lost deep in these thoughts, until Alex snapped her out of them. He calls her name.

"What are you thinking about," he asked her. "N Nothing," she replied and they both went off upstairs.   Alex sat on the bed and Emma in his Lap. He kisses her cheek. The both cuddle and laughed over nothing. They heard a noise she got of his lap instantly and sat on the bed. She let go of his hand. It was Emma's mum she walked past them and went of elsewhere.

In unison they let a sigh of relief. A while later, Alex went home.

Alex will be killed tomorrow!? Chapter 3:

Alex comes home to see letters for him. He picks up the two letters looking annoyed. "What! The banks always sending junk mail," Alex curses, looking angry and annoyed. Alex opened it anyway to see whether the letters were the same as last week's ones. He opens the first letter. "I know I have £184.52 in my account," he shouted, still angry and annoyed "And I have not put anything in my account!

He rips the second letter open expecting yet another bank letter. "Another bank letter," he said, without even looking at it. He gives the letter enough of a glace to know it's not a bank letter, but not enough of a glace to know what the letter is. "What, not another bank letter?!" he said, both shocked and surprised. "This is a miracle." He looks at the address.

Astonished at what he saw: a letter from the society leader, Emma's Dad, Sebastian. Why would Sebastian write Alex a letter? Then he thinks back to the test. He reads the letter thoroughly and couple more times, hoping he had read it right the time before. Tears ran down his eyes. Not for himself, but for his dad, mum, step mum, friends, other family, and of course Emma. He reads the letter again.

Dear Alex and his parent/guardians, I am writing to tell you that the results of the test have come and I am truly sorry to say that. Your son, Alex has more genes of his mum. Who, as we all know, is pure evil. The same lady who we would have killed right there and then. If that evil woman had not of dared to break the rules and run away.

Looking after looking after looking, she was nowhere to be found. Your son will be killed tomorrow, Monday 11th September 2025 at 4 PM sharp Castle Square, Yours sincerely,  Sebastian, the society leader. "I can't tell anyone about this. Not yet," Alex said not realising that he said it aloud.                                                                        

 "Can't tell us what yet Al" his dad, John, asked.                         "Er, um, nothing. I... I... I... was just," he stuttered. "I'm your dad, I know when you're lying it's written all over your face," John replies. "It's nothing I'm serious," he told his dad.

"What's wrong? Why can't tell me? Who knows, it may be a now or never situation. Whatever it is we will face it together," he responded.  "I'm telling you it's nothing," Alex answered back. "It's something" Alex's mum Rachel entered with the shopping confused about what was going on.

"How long they been arguing for? Why? Who started it?" she thought. She closed the door walked to the Kitchen to put the shopping. She entered the kitchen. John and Alex could tell by her facial expression that she heard the last line. "I'm going to get killed tomorrow", yelled Alex.

You could see the tears falling out of his eyes. Alex gave them the letter. Emma can't know about this but she has to know he thought. "Mum," he said "No no dear I'm not crying there's something in my eye," she sobbed.

The tears kept falling out as she said it again and fell on to John's lap,  crying her eyes out.  Alex and John start to cry too. All you could hear is sobbing and more sobbing. Until Alex manages to stop. "What about Emma?" he questions "If she finds out she will kill herself!" "I'll talk to her dad," he replies, with high hopes Emma will not be home.

He calls her finding out she is out with her mum. Alex Sighs in relief. "That's one worry off the list'' he says. He walks to Emma's house tense and anxious. Questions spinning around in his mind. Will Emma find out? What will her dad say? What if he says rules are rules and I have to be killed?

He is stubborn because if Emma hasn't been able to stop him stop him no one can. He throws the letter in the bin carelessly not realising it has missed the bin and just landed outside. He goes up to the door, not able to bring himself to press the doorbell or knock. Finally, he musters up the courage to press the doorbell.

Ethan, Emma's brother, opens the door. Alex opens his mouth to speak but, Sebastian overtook him. "Emma's not home she has gone out with mum," he said. "I know," he replies "I called her I came for you',"

"I needed to talk about the letter" Chapter 4: "Ah, Alex", Sebastian said "Your welcome to stay if you like but Emma has gone.'' Before he could finish his sentence Alex had interrupted. "I came to speak to you," he told Sebastian. This left Sebastian confused why would he come directly to see me? 

Normally he dropped a hello, how are you and goodbye whenever he came to see Emma. What would he what to talk about? Had he found someone evil who needed to be killed? He was lost in these thoughts until Alex said something. "Hello, Mr Thatcher you seem to be lost in thoughts," he answered. "Nothing, you were going to say."

" I needed to talk to you about the letter," he answered. Sebastian didn't need to think about what letter it was he had already known the letter about this death. The letter, Sebastian thought to himself. Another one of those people who come plead and plead asking not to be killed. What can I do? We can't keep these evil people and let them ruin our society. He acted liked he didn't know what Alex was going to say.

"What about the letter? " he responded. "I can't be killed it will kill my parents, family, friends and your daughter, Emma," he pleaded " They can't live without me think about Emma, how will she feel," pleaded Alex. He had hoped he will change his mind for the sake of his daughter's happiness. After all, he loved her and she loved him. Sebastian was a clever guy.

His mind was as sharp as a knife. Trying to get me to change my mind just by using my daughter eh? Well, think again. That will not work. She doesn't even know about a thing I do. If she did, she would not let me do what I do. She will just call it murder not protecting the future of our society. That's why I make sure none of this is gets aired on TV, not on social media, or online news.

Not on anything like that.This is purely confidential. So I can do what I do best. Protect our...  He was so astray in these thoughts. Until Alex had enough of waiting. "Hello, sir," said Alex. "So?" Sebastian realised Alex was calling him. "Ah yes Alex sorry about that," he responded " Well what can I say Alex had a sudden spur of realisation I came to ask Sebastian to spare me.

The same one who has spared no one.The same the guy who people had gone to and begged and begged to be spared but he refused and refused. He will obviously say no. What was I thinking? He deeply thought again. Emma. For the sake of Emma his daughter whom he knows will be crushed if she knows.For the sake of Emma, he has to say no he has to. I need to be ready both ways. For a yes and a no.

He looks up at Sebastian again struggling to meet with his eyes. "As I was saying," Sebastian continued Alex knew what was coming. "I am helpless. I cannot do anything not even for Emma  I am so sorry about that. What an embarrassing thing I the leader of this society cannot do anything. Well, what can I say rules are rules, my dear.

If I change them for you then that means I will have to change them for everyone and I can't do that. You know that," he finished. It stabbed him in the heart like a knife the pain was a sharp as a needle. He managed to conceal it in.  He knew it was coming but,  when the words came out of his mouth it still hit him. Sebastian knew what he needed to say.

Sebastian knew what he needed to say. He needed to feel sorry and like he cares even though he doesn't. Risk the society's safety just for one life?"Thank you for your time, sir," Alex said his final words to Sebastian and left. Now, what was I going to do he thought my parents are already broken once final push and they will be in shattered into pieces.

"Thank you for your time, sir," Alex said his final words to Sebastian and left. Now, what was I going to do he thought my parents are already broken once final push and they will be in shattered into pieces. Alex had reached home. His parents were waiting at the door for him. He gave them a look of pain, of anger, of sorrow. All these emotions mixed on his face.

The look said it all, Sebastian said no, to even for the sake of his daughter me his daughter there is no hope.  I will be killed tomorrow.

Love at its peak chapter 5: With a sudden shock, Alex woke up next morning. He rubbed his eyes hoping this was all a dream. Hoping he was not going to be killed. His mother comes and sits beside him tears falling. Alex realises it is not a dream he will be killed today Monday 11th September 2025 at 4 PM sharp. There was no way escaping it.

A sudden thought comes to his mind. What about Emma? How will I tell her? I can't tell her. He looks up at his mum ''Emma,'' He said "How will she live without me? What will happen to her? What,'' He rambled. '' Calm down,'' she replied trying to be calm herself. With all her might she tried to pull herself together. A few tears fell from her eyes. "Let's go to have breakfast," she said with a cracked voice.

They both went downstairs. Breakfast was eaten in silence. All you could see was the struggle of fighting back tears.  A few hours later, Alex left the house. To go to Emma. He kept the plan in his head hoping it would be believable. They had a dead body and driver to fake the car accident. He couldn't tell Emma the real reason. She would be heartbroken and

crushed. He arrived at Emma's house. Ding Ding went the doorbell. Emma opened the door and kissed Alex. "I missed you so much," she exclaimed  "I missed you too," Alex said a little less excited. Emma starts to notice something wrong. "Whats wrong?" my Al she questions "Uh nothing," He replies. She takes her word for it. Everything. Everything is

wrong. I'm leaving you the love of my life. I'm leaving my parents and friends. What would you do without me? I know inside out you would not be able to live without me. He takes a breath and is happy he did not say that all out loud. He goes into the house. Alex sees Sebastian who gives him a look. Do not tell Emma he reads Sebastian's face and gets that message.

They both walk off no hi or hello from Alex to anyone. Alex goes up with Emma confuse. He does not know what to do how to spend the last few hours of his life with Emma. He looks into her eyes with a look a desperation. She asks again, "Is everything ok are you sure?". He replies with the same answer as he did before "Uh nothing". 

He makes the most of the his last few hours with Emma they cuddle and kiss like it has been years since he has seen her beautiful face. He gives her comfort security and she does the same. The hours go by like seconds. It was like Alex had just entered the door. He gets up to leave so he can get to park square on time. That is where everyone gets killed.

He says his last words to Emma. "Emma, I love you so much you mean the world to me I don't know what I would do without you. I don't know what you do without me. I will never forget the time we have spent together. You are the wheels of my bike the cone to my ice cream you I fell in love with you ever since I had laid my eyes on your beautiful face

I cannot put into words how much you mean to me complete me. I would run out of words I should stop talking now". He kisses her softly on the lips. "Goodbye". "Your acting like your leaving me forever," cried Emma "I'm sorry for whatever I have done please don't leave me" She grabs on to Alex not willing to let go.

"No," he replies it's nothing like that I just felt the need to say that. Anyway, I hope to see you later. Goodbye'' Dying to see you later'' he says to himself. The time had come. The time of his death. The time for him to leave his friends, parents and Emma. His dad, friends and other members of the society were there. Everyone but, Emma. His mother was on the way.

"Oh God please let me see Emma I am dying to see Emma,"Alex arrived the pace was dusty deserted.  He looked around. Chains. He will be chained up and chained up good tiredly. After the first person who dared to run away from the society his mother, they make sure no one else escapes. He looked at the floor, blood stains. ‘My blood stains will be there,’’

Alex thought. He could not bear the thought of being killed. He could not bear the thought of being separated from his loved ones. He knew he had to die one day but he did not imagine he will die like this. No last words just stabbed in the heart and left to bleed for a while until someone realises they have to do something with the body.

Emma was going shopping her mum already reached there. She made a quick stop to the library on the way she passed Alex's house she went to see him. Ding dong. Alex's mum, Rachel opened the door. "Er Emma what a pleasant surprise Alex has gone out you can still come in if you like," she said hesitantly.

"No, it's fine you look like you were going somewhere anyways bye Aunty," replies Emma She looks through her bag for her water bottle. "Oh no I haven't packed a water bottle," she said "That's okay," replied Rachel "I can give you one. Come inside." Emma comes inside. She sits in the kitchen. "I will get you one from the storage compact won't be long," said Rachel 

Emma gets up to throw a tissue in the bin she sees a letter. She picks it up and notices it says Sebstian on it "Sebastian?" she thought  She skims the letter. She skims it enough to know what the letter is about. Rachel comes back. She shoves the letter in her back pocket. "Sorry it took long here you go," said Rachel. 

"Thank you" goodbye replies Emma. "He did not tell me," she thought "  "That is what the goodbye was all about" tears came out of her eyes.  "He should have told me. I knew he did not tell me because he knew I could not manage and I am not." She realises something. My father.The letter is from my dad. Why does he want to kill? Alex what gene test

Why do they think just because of some test he will turn out like his mum. I know he is a kind-hearted person. He cares about the little things. He loves unconditionally. He is supportive he is there when you need him. He has such a beautiful personality and that's why I fell in love with him. he continues to walk, tears falling down her eyes. She looked at her watch 15 mins left to four.

She looked at the letter again. Castle Square. ''I won't let anything happen to Alex even if that means if something happens to me''

''It is 4:00 pm already why is he not here yet?'' Questioned Alex.  '' You're right he always on the dot,'' replied John ''maybe just on his way'' ''Am I missing something'' thought Alex. Maybe I got the timing wrong  Monday 11th September 2025 at 4 PM sharp castle square.'' He repeated this to himself until he realised something. ''Dad,'' He said.

''Today is  Monday 11th September 2025 we forgot the clocks go back half an hour on this day so it would be 7-8 mins left till four. We came at half an hour early'' ''Oh yes you're right'' said, John.

It was 4:00 pm Sebastian was there, Rachel was there and other society members gathered around to see the killing. ''As you may know, started Sebastian. ''Today is...'' 

Part 2 death o'clock ''STOP DAD!!! screamed Emma at the top of her voice crying her eyes out. The words seemed to echo in everybody's mind. Everyone looked at her in amazement how did she know about this? Who could have told her? This was kept so secretive yet Emma still here? All the people took the moment of silence to gossip about what has just happened. 

''My father,'' she continued Silence from the people around ''So loving so caring AND THEN I SEE THIS!!!'' She waves the letter around before she came closer. ''How did she get the letter the letter?'' Questioned Sebastian trying to remain calm. ''I don't know I threw it away I swear!'' replied Alex

''You missed the bin I went your house and found it lying outside the bin been there done that, said Emma. ''Alex how could you!'' said Sebastian. ''Dad how could you!'' said Emma rather angry. ''Emma dear,'' said Sebastian ''No today I am not your dear. I am ashamed to have a murder as my father,'' she said.

Everyone looked up in amazement. Emma who loves her dad to bits and pieces has now said this.  '' Emma dear listen to me,'' said Sebastian in a sweet tone.

''NO!'' she bellowed ''Listen to me. Your 100th kill. You have killed 99 innocent civilians and today all because of the means of a stupid test it would have been 100 with Alex. ''How could you dad you knew I loved him he was my best friend. No, I think it is time for you to know he was my Boyfriend. I love him deeply how could you do this to your daughter.

That's what it was all about the goodbye. YOU WERE GOING TO DIE AND YOU DID NOT EVEN BOTHER TO TELL ME! I WOULD HAVE DIED WITHOUT YOU IF NOT PHYSICALLY BUT I  WOULD HAVE DIED INSIDE Alex,'' she finishes crying and crying away. ''I did not tell you because I could not bear to see you in pain,'' said Alex.

He comes so close to Emma so close they could kiss. Sebastian could not stand it but if he had said anything Emma would have been more upset. ''Still,'' she said back ''I could have talked of him''. ''Still,'' she said back ''I could have talked of him''. ''I'm sorry,'' Alex said. Emma starts to cry more. Alex wipes her tears away and kisses her.

The rage. Sebastian's blood was boiling steam was coming out of his ears. ''Stay calm,'' he said to himself stay calm. He decides to finish off his speech and let Emma and Alex have a moment.''Ignore them will you. We will deal with them in a while. The rage. Sebastian's blood was boiling steam was coming out of his ears. ''Stay calm,'' he said to himself stay calm.

He decides to finish off his speech and let Emma and Alex have a moment.''Ignore them will you. We will deal with them in a while. s I was saying, today will be the 100th kill of mine. Oh, how happy that makes me feel! In honour of this 100th kill, we shall do it with eyes closed! I have killed enough times to know how to kill.

So we shall all have our eyes closed. A cheer came from the crowd. Sebastian looked at Emma and Alex both of them drawing with each other's tears. They kissed. Sebastian's blood was far worse than boiling. He could not stand it! He was so overprotective about this daughter. How could she just kiss in public?  ''There are limits!'' he thought to himself.

''Alex,'' Sebastian said calmly. '' NO!,'' Emma screamed she came in like a storm. She had the tightest grip on Alex's waist. ''Alex you can't go,'' She looked up her eyes beseeching. With a violent rage, Emma had continued. "YOU CAN'T TAKE HIM!!! TAKE ME INSTEAD!!!'' She shouted. She wanted her voice to be heard.

By everyone present by nearby neighbours who had not come. She wanted the world to know what was happening. ''WHAT!'' Alex said ''I will never let that happen your life is too precious'' "Dad I thought you loved me,'' she cried. ''I do,'' Sebastian replied.

''IF YOU DID YOU WOULD NOT have DONE ANY OF THIS,'' She shouted ''Dear this is for your our safety and protection,'' she said ''YOU DON'T LOVE ME IF YOU DID YOU WOULD NOT EVEN OF THOUGHT OF KILLING ALEX,'' She grabs Alex tightly not willing to let him go. He grips on to her too.

They kiss again. ''I need to kill him fast,'' he thought to himself. Sebastian would not listen Emma would not either. She was not willing to let Alex go. ''Alex dear it is time,'' Sebastian said ''Let me go, Emma,'' Alex said. ''Dad you will pay heavily taking Alex's life is like taking my life,'' she said calmer now.

Sebastian did not take it as seriously. ''What is the most she will do. The usual Not talk to me. She has used these empty threats with me before'' ''Okay,'' she said looking up at Alex. ''What!" Sebastian and Alex said in unison.''How could she give in so easily they both thought.''

Alex goes up where he is chained. Emma silently watching. She can not bear to see him like it. It hurt her so much. Emma had felt like someone had stabbed her heart and is trying to take out her brain. ch breath of her was getting heavier as uneasiness took over her body. Her eyes burned. She could not bear to see Alex like this for a moment longer.

She looked up at Alex's parents to see the despair in their eyes the pain in their hearts the tears falling out their eyes. It was time. "Close your eyes, everyone,'' announced Sebastian with a sign of no sorrow or sympathy on his face. They all closed their eyes except Emma. She quietly moved closer to Alex as quiet as a mouse taking small breaths

begging not to be noticed by anyone. Nobody noticed. ''How am I going to do this she thought?'' She was struggling to think straight as if she was high. ''Now to celebrate this moment of triumph,'' Said Sebastian. Emma looks at her father in disgust.

She notices a space between Alex and her dad. She had a plan. Emma jumps. She falls to the ground gulping for breath sword near her chest. Alex thinks to himself ''I have not felt anything''  ''Yes I have successfully stabbed my victim'' Sebastian thought. He keeps his eyes closed to enjoy the moment.

Alex opened his eyes.  He looked around to see blood on the floor. Fresh blood. He looked to see were the blood lead to. Emma, she was on the floor panting for breath sword inside her. His whole world froze. He was startled shocked like he had just been scared to death like he was stabbed. He tried to let out a sound but nothing seemed to come out.

He tried again ‘'EMMA!'' he screamed at the top of his lungs he ran to her and held her. He felt angry with himself. ‘'How could I not tell she was lying!'' he thought. ‘'She looked directly at me eye to eye it was like she had planned this all.'' He looked directly into her eyes. He was tearing up he looked at Sebastian pain and terror in his eyes.He touched her.

His hand quivered. His had was stained with blood. On Sebastian's say, everyone opens their eyes. They all see Emma in Alex's arms. Alex parents' come running to Alex. Sebastian questions Alex ''What happened?"  ''I I I I don't know,'' Alex cried '' I open my eyes and she is on the floor, he continued"

 Alex calls an ambulance and explains the whole situation with great struggle. With great difficulty he tries to comprehend with what horror has just happened.

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