Which way will you choose?
Which way will you choose? making choices stories

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Which way will you choose? Will you take A or B? Be wise enough to make hard difficult choices! (Not Horror at all!)

Which way will you choose?

By Neyla111

So, this is type of a game. So imagine, you're in your house and you know, somewhere is hiding somebody and you have to kill it and escape. Which option do you choose? A or B? Be wise enough to choose right one!

You're in your room. Someone is coming up. You think of an weapon. What do you choose? A: Broom B: Lighter If you took B, turn three pages. If you took A, turn one page.

Where is that broom?, you think. You still have to find it. You search. What do you choose now? A: Still Broom B: Lighter If you choose B, turn 2 pages. If you choose A, turn one page.

You found your broom! You take it and go to the door. Then you open it and you see the stranger. He almost kills you! Well, go back because the broom isn't helping.

Good choice! Now you go very carefully to the door. Open it. You did! Then you see the stranger. You quickly burn his clothes and he's dead. Then you run to the stairs that lead downstairs. Suddenly you see a person killing somebody! There was another one trying to kill your friend!

Suddenly you have an idea. You jump four times on the stairs that lead downstairs and always it makes a thump. The killer is distracted. Now you think: Where should I hide? A: In your room B: In the cupboard in the floor that leads to your friend's room If you choose A, turn 2 pages. If you choose B, then 1 page.

You quickly hide in the cupboard. Then you hear footsteps. They're coming nearer and nearer. Suddenly the door opens and they say: ,,Give us the Amulet that you're wearing.'' You don't give it and then they kill you. Go back.

Very good! You hide. Then you hear the killer tell: ,,We need that Amulet! Where could it be?'' Another voice says: ,,I suppose it's wearing it.'' ,,Yeah...''

Which Amulet? You think. Then you know. You ARE wearing it. You have to save it. Then you go to the window in your room. You look down. There's your garden. Then you hear some very quiet footsteps. They seem far away. What now? You have to go through the window into the garden. How will you go? Choose.

A: Jump down and land on your feet B: Make out of your jackets a rope If A, then turn one page. If B, then turn two pages.

One, two, three- you jump off! CRASH. You're a bit injured. Go back.

Okay, you made it, now you tie it and carefully climb down. Then you go faster and hide in the garden. Then you gasp. GASP. You see a revolver. It must be one of the killer's. Now or never! You shoot in the air. They're alarmed. They run down. You make yourself ready. Suddenly you gasp again. GASP.

You see two men. So in total, there were THREE KILLERS in her house. What now? Who to shoot first? The first one is empty-handed, but looks tough. The second one has a revolver, but doesn't look tough. Who to shoot first? A: the first man B: the second man If A, turn 2 pages If B, turn 1 page.

Bad choice! You killed him, now the tough one took the revolver and packed you and shot you. Go back.

Good choice! Now you shoot at his leg, and then hide. Then from the behind, you shoot his entire body. You did it! Wohoo! Then you go check your friend. She’s ok. The end.

Lol. Ok byeeeeeeee

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