Superior Commaful users-a talk and an interview- with Neyla! E:3
Superior Commaful users-a talk and an interview- with Neyla! E:3 fun stories

neyla111 Sorry I was gone, guys
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Today's interview is with ______. Who is it? Have fun with our ritual riddles and questions!
(Sorry I couldn't do earlier I had school.)

Superior Commaful users-a talk and an interview- with Neyla! E:3

Welcome to my show! This is Episode 3! Make sure to read all of 'em! Have fun with our third guest, remember, work hard and be kind, and YOU'LL get interviewed soon!

Today, our special guest is, with a lot of followers, ...

Yes! It's @await_alive!

A little description about me: I'm sithu 14 years and a girl from Sri Lanka.



Shall we begin?


Q 1: What is your favourite mythical creature?

My fav mythical creature probably would be Griffin.


Q 2:

go ahead :)


Who is your favourite music artist?

I don't have a fav but I definitely love Gavin Magnus, Coco Quinn, Annie LeBlanc and Taylor Swift haha

Literally obsessed



Q 3: What was your favourite plush toy/toy to sleep with?

I have three plush toys, I never sleep without even one missing lol. kinda childish. I have a fox, a reindeer and a avocado. trust me if u sleep with them someday u will never sleep without them ever again lol. don't mind me I'm so stupid🤣🤣


Yeah lol. my friends sometimes make fun of me but, it's my style lol

Everyone has his/her own style!


Now, Q 4:

I’m so ready

Imagine that your favourite CD/Book in on the highest shelf. How would you go up?

With a chair or on the bed and then on your cupboard and then reach to the shelf?

I will get on the bed and reach the shelf. Haha

Me too XD


Q 5:


Do you talk to yourself?

All the time


Hehe lol

it's kinda funny but a veryy serious topic lol

LOL Are you ready for the last question?

Yep ready as a pickle

LOL You do have a funny side

Yeah I sure do. I was filled with like literally only jokes before but now turned so dark like I can't even imagine myself anymore lol, but I still joke around people

What was the worst prank your friends made?

a boyfriend prank

Ooh...Tell me more

that was soo frustrating and i was on that prank for like 2 weeks lol


haha lol

Now it's riddle time!

let's get into it

Riddle 1:

I'm long, I'm something you can wear me, and mostly girls wear me. What am I?

A wig?

I have no idea lol



You can wear me in the summer.

Want another hint?


There are different types of me, some for festivals, some for normal I have many designs

oh god this is so hard

and I'm weared on the over body. Like where the hands are and I go at least till the knees. Is that enough?

lol I thought of a whole different thing and it doesn't have anything related to that lol

Should I tell the answer?

I give up 😥 yeah

now the moment of regretting tra la laaaa the answer is...




Yep! Ready for riddle 2?

I thought it's that. lol. but brain dead 🤣


LOL. Ok. Here it comes...

hope I will get this one

You can sit on me, and I'm always near tables. What am I?

I think it's easy

A chair?


Now, ready for the 3rd Riddle?

Yep sure do!

I'm something you can write on, you can draw on, and in the beginning I'm blank. I'm mostly white.

What am I?


Right. Wohoo!


Cool! Now the interview is ended, hope this was fun!

Thank you for having me here it was so fun!

But wait! There is still something left!

ok sure

Your challenge is, that you should share something, that you didn't before, nothing too personal, within 5 days


Mention me, or put the link in the comment of this interview book

Have fun! Bye! Good day!


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