My love of cats❤️
My love of cats❤️ loveandfearcontest stories

ney2wice Queen of Corny👑♍ #Misfit gang
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This is my entry for @scarletdreams contest

My love of cats❤️

Cats their a work of art so cute and always fun. Ask me who all should have one I'll say everyone.

Don't even get me started on kittens they are as cute as a button and can even fit into a mitten. Cats are just so lovable so soft and fluffy. It just makes you want to cuddle them eternally.

Who doesn't like cats if you watch miraculous because ya boy Cat Noir is the most lovable of them all even thought he always takes ladybugs falls.

All cats have that mentality to protect who they love. They have big hearts but their love goes above.

If you don't like cats I hope you start to read this and find a soft place in your heart and you realize that cats are a valuable work of art.

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