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ney2wice Queen of Corny👑♍ #Misfit gang
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This is my poem about the contest.

In Reality

In my dreams I have everything I want . The shoes,the clothes, the house ,the car. But in reality that dream is so far. Everyday I struggle to survive a charity case to people as they walk by.

Little Courtney Prentiss i am only 13 but I have big dreams. Looking up at my TV screen I see my Idols the people I look up to.

They look so happy and beautiful as i wish I was in their shoes . I can help but think what if i were them. I smile into the camera as my hair blows in the wind.

My red dress and my black shoes as I stand by Ella Mai smiling and staring at the camera. But as i come back to reality I sigh.

Could my life be better? and How can I make this happen? But these are just my dreams but sometimes I forget that I am In Reality .

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