Finding Mrs right pt 1
Finding Mrs right pt 1   #mindless behavior stories

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Characters: Princeton, Roc Royal, Analyse, Cassandra, Moisha, Ray Ray, Prodigy, Chanel, Mr. Cool J, and Diggy

Finding Mrs right pt 1

Characters: Princeton, Roc Royal, Analyse, Cassandra, Moisha, Ray Ray, Prodigy, Chanel, Mr. Cool J, and Diggy

(This setting is at school) Analyse runs toward Cassandra and the others, As Ray Ray comes storming down the hallway of Golda Meir High School heading to geography class.

He runs into the classroom and sits beside prodigy , Princeton behind him and roc behind prod. Cassandra sits beside Princeton and moisha behind roc. The bell rings. Mr.

Cool J said that today he would take them all around the world to London ,France, Switzerland and japan.

Suddenly a beautiful voice started singing everyone was shocked except ray ray , roc royal, and Princeton. Then they noticed that was prod then he looked at moisha and she smiled.

They did a whole full out performance. They asked girls in the class to get up and dance.

Cass went up there to dance wearing her hello kitty shirt and her skirt and Princeton even pointed at her.

After that Prince, roc, ray and prod started dancing on the desk singing " shawty say you don't but i bet you do , MB on your ringtone posters in your room sassy little thing, like ,

like the way you talk. Here you got the goods, go ahead and show them off.

take a picture, quick send it to my phone, dimples in your teeth white and Gucci designers on. don't know where you are hiding from me so long prodigy ,roc ,ray ray and Princeton we on .

so baby come on where's Mrs right " they all said. Then they all went outside so they guessed that class was over and Mr. Cool J did not mind that he seemed to enjoy it.

So they ran to the gym Cass, Moisha ,Analyse, and Chanel followed them and started talking. Moisha said '' Prod is talking about me. He even looked at me.

Do you think he likes me?" Slow down says Chanel, You do not know that but I do think ray ray likes you. Analyse adds, hold up one minute ray ray is mine you can't take him from me.

" Cass adds, I get to sit by Princeton so I'm lucky. Also, they were all talking to me." They all started laughing with her at the joke.

This is ridiculous they thought, when they got to the gym Diggy was rapping light skinned dar-dark skinned long hair don't care unless yah hearts in it.... they ran and started walking beside him.

"Like I was saying Chanel continued roc royal is mine" duh," Analyse adds that's why you are stuck with prod he is not that bad." He is actually kind of cute, Moisha says."

When Diggy finished and turned it back to the boys they were screaming. I love prod's voice moisha says a few moments after they walked out of the gym the boys ran to the stage.

As they walked to class Cass, Chanel, Moisha, and Analyse returned to class talking more than they ever did before that performance.

But they stared at the empty seats of prod, roc, ray, and prince. As everyone enters the room again. When the boys came in everyone screamed. Especially Cass, Moisha, Analyse, and Chanel.

Princeton, Ray Ray, Prodigy and Roc Royal came by to talk to each girl. When Princeton got to Cassandra he said "You got some moves there Hello Kitty.

She was too busy looking at his beautiful hair to recognize that he was talking to her.

Chanel nudged her shoulder and said " he's talking to you" , oh" Cass said, " My name is actually Cassandra or cass." Oh" Princeton said. I actually made that nickname for you, like it.

" Of course Princeton, Cass said. He walks away

Chanel, Moisha, and Analyse ran to give her a hug. Prod walked up to Moisha, "So did you like it" he asked her, of course, she said thanks for noticing me she said.

"How can I not?" he said, "How could you not tell anyone that you can sing like that." My gift, natural-born talent prod said.

Ray Ray comes over and starts laughing and says you all were great support, especially you and brings Analyse over to talk with him.

Roc royal comes over and takes Chanel's arm in his and pulls Chanel over and starts singing to her. And sings My Girl. Then prod sang "dang we text each other a lot, Eh, my girl, my girl she loves me.

After that they all became best friends, the boys Ray Ray, Prodigy, Princeton and Roc royal.

So what will happen when MB has to go on tour.

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