so i went outside and
so i went outside and  suspense stories

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in which a woman finds herself in a terrible situation

so i went outside and

the leaves are like

orange, yellow and red. the vibrant colours of fall

the sky is like

blue with a little gradient, y'know, from blue to light light light blue to white

the sounds coming from the neighbour's house is like

loud and sharp and bothersome, i can't sleep, it's endless screaming

the colours, one night, are like

red and blue, they flash against my window. they pulse like a beating heart, rapid beats that echo my own

the pillow is like

soaked to the bone with tears. i can't sleep. i can't let them know what i did

the door is like

brown and old, like this house; my wife and i bought it. she's long since gone, my memories of her old and dusty like this very door.

men knock knock knocking and like

sweat gathers in my temples. i'm calling god and instead of him at my door it's the devil

my eyes close and it's like

all i could see is her face. sarah — her name was sarah. just like my wife. it's dark, just like how it was in their house

they're sayin let us in and i'm like

i can't tell them what i saw, god knows what i am and i'm leaving myself to Him, help me,

i see silver and it's like

it encircles my wrists and it hurts. i'm drowning —

i stare at the ground, tears in my eyes and my innocence spilling from my mouth, but God they won't listen, and i look at the ground, and it's like

filled with leaves. orange, yellow and red. the vibrant colours of fall.

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