Too long
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When you are separated for too long.

Too long

“It's been a while” She says with teary eyes. “It's been too long” I say soft and slow.

She nods with her eyes closed. “Too long” She repeats. She hugs me.

Holds me tight and close. “It's cold here let's go inside” she suggested.

We plop down on the sofa. “What do you want to drink?” she jokingly asks in sales pitch voice. “Just some water please” I respond with a fake pretentious tone.

“Put your hopes of becoming a voice actor to rest please, you suck” She laughs out on her way out of the living room. She comes back.

Hands me the water. I take a sip. Put it on the coffee table.

She's looking at me. Staring me in the eyes.

“What's up” I ask. She wants to say something but stutters.

I get closer to her. “Hey, what's up” I say quietly.

“I,..., I, I've been thinking about…” she stammers I get even closer. Look her in the eyes. Slowly nod my head.

“I've been thinking about us” she says slowly. I can see she's not finding the correct words. She tries again.

“Thinking about us…” I take a breath wanting to say something. She puts her finger on my lips.

She gets a few inches from my face. Places both her hands on my chest.

Pushes me down. Crawls on top of me.

“I'm done with all the thinking” she whispers in my ear. She nibbles on my ear.

I run my hand through her hair. As she holds my face.

“Done thinking?” I ask. She nods her head.

Closes her eyes, Comes closer to kiss me. Right as our lips touch.

I wake up.

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