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A story about leaving

Please Stay

“I have to leave soon, I have to go to work tomorrow” I told her. “You can stay over and leave to work from here” she suggested wholesome.

“I wish I could.” I said with pain in my heart. “But I can’t, I have to be on time”

She immediately grabs my hand. I look over to her. Look her in the eyes. She smiles back at me.

Plops her head on my shoulder. I rest my head on top of hers. We stay like that for a while.

It’s cozy. It’s warm. It’s comfortable. It’s peaceful.

She sits up a bit more. She pulls my hand. Pulls me closer. Turns towards me. Leans in.

Foreheads touch. We keep each other up. Our noses touch.

She wraps her hand around the back of my head. Holds me. Kisses me.

Soft, Sweet, Tender. A sigh of relief. A wave of peace. Of calm.

Felt like everything around us stopped. Like there was nothing else. Just the two of us in this world. In this universe. Just us.

Every single piece of the puzzle fell in its place. Everything that happened before was worth it. It was for a reason, to lead me here.

Soft, Sweet, Tender. A wave of calm. Wave of piece.

“If you really didn’t want me to leave you could just have said so.” *Giggles* She grabs my shirt collar.

Pulls me closer. She kisses me again. It’s dark outside by now.

“I’m very sorry but I really have to go now.” “I still have a long way to go.”

She looks sad. Her eyes turn slightly red. She lets loose.

We hug. Say goodbye.

Drive off with a tear in my eye. “I’ll miss you”

I drive home. Reach the highway. Empty road for a while.

Only now I notice that my arm is red. “What did I do with my arm, where does this come from.” It’s an imprint of her beautiful hand.

She clasped my arm so desperately. Wanting me to stay. I never noticed. I was too comfortable, too calm.

She really didn’t want me to go. But I still walked out. With a smile on my face.

Not realizing I would never return.

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