Right or Wrong?
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newbiewon70 Just a wayward artist
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What the divide between right and wrong is to me

Right or Wrong?

To be blamed or to blame is a means of different perspectives

One will be casted as the accuser

The other as the accused

When all roles are taken into account

That’s when the show truly begins

But who is the judge?

I’m not talking about the actual judges but figuratively what actually determines our actions for better or worse

One simple human being cannot truly justify the wrongs and the rights

But really who can anyways?

And no don’t bring God Into this discussion I’m directly asking this of the human race

Who will be able to determine right from wrong without a concious of a doubt

And there’s also this other question unreadable to most people

Is it bad not to believe in a right or wrong?

If so then

Where do we draw the line?

Is a question that many voice about but the thing is

The line was never meant to be drawn

Everything is just fabricated strings of listless illegitimate emotions and thoughts

Judged upon how we feel it should be like

not exactly what it should be

I heard that a woman once got sentenced to jail for 20 years cause she fired a round

Even though her husband was assualting and abusing them

However this time he went too far into the point of no return

He straight up tried to strangle them, wrangle them, kill her dead

She didn’t shoot him

Not at all

No casualties were lost

Except her freedom was compromised

For Almost committing an even greater sin then the one she didn’t deserve to have

Broken Freedom

She was still the victim subjected to a crime she didn’t commit

She was brought up to the podium being judged for a hit and miss in pure self defense

And the husband was never put up front

Now can anyone tell me what’s with that description?

I wonder when the true definition of right and wrong will be revealed

That is if there was truly a right and wrong to begin with

However It’s up to you the judge to decide on that statement

Could you figure out who’s in the wrong?

Or will you punish the innocent and leave the guilty unscathed

Or perhaps you would be the Undecided

Better yet a Neutral party

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