Lost and Found
Lost and Found  thriller stories

newbiewon70 Just a wayward artist
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A tale from the past of where I was lost and yet found

Lost and Found

Like a saint I wait patiently for my ride to come

Like every other child who stayed after school do so as well

But as time grew thin the numbers began to dwindle

As the kids slowly one by one were picked up on schedule

Until the score read one to zero me being the latter

But no I continued to stay diligent though I may be alone till I’m finally home again

I waited

I waited and waited

I waited and waited, watching as the sun began to settle

However when the night seeped in through day It was then that my fears started to unravel

I hastily grab my phone and checked the clock it was almost half past 5

My mom always picks me up somewhat after 4:10...

My eyes filled with dread

My heart began racing

My thoughts just kept on raging with persistent negativity

‘Has she forgotten me?’

Her youngest of the family


I couldn’t stop the cogwheels twisting in my brain

Showing me these things I wish I hadn’t seen

‘Will I be stuck here outside in the wild until morning has come again?’ I wondered briefly


I refused to be a sitting duck and with my wings I took flight leaving behind where I once stood

I traveled like a wayward soul

Throughout the uncharted streets, sidewalks, trails, and scattered glows of light

Leaving my nerves all in a jumble as the shadows began to take shape

Blocking out what had once been the light and instead filled it out with darkness

I walked for hours on edge losing hope while chanting a desperate promise that I would get home

When it turned out to be a plea to god asking what went wrong

I struggled not to cry but the salty tears just kept on building

And whenever I chanted my silly hopeless tune it only made the swelling worsen

It was only a matter of time before I began to lose focus

My back felt like it was caving under the pressure from my bulking backpack

And my legs felt like lead slowly dragging me down until I was walking like the undead

I became a prisoner, lost to time as I kept on treading the same old paths

The mental strain only became more demoralizing as the seconds ticked by

So I cried

I had no options left

Feeling the frustration kick in because I was feeling weak and partly cause my parents left me

I was this close to my breaking point until I heard a voice call out to me

I felt the previous terror roll off of me when it turned out to be a patrolling officer

I wiped the remnants of my tears away roughly drying the damps marks off my face

Before I turned towards him hearing a question I was too glad to hear

“Are you lost?”

I paused for a moment before I began to nod weakly

Before he said to hop on in informing me that someone filed in for a missing child

‘That must be me!’ I exclaimed silently

The drive home was noiseless I just sat in the shotgun restlessly fidgeting

And once I got home I was greeted with a warmth in my chest and a stern lecture from my mom

But after all was said and done I was just happy that I was home with everyone

Thanks for tuning in on just one of my life experiences until next time Bye~

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