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newbiewon70 Just a wayward artist
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Take a dive into the narrators mind and what you’ll find is up to you to figure out.



I...Wasn’t expecting any visitors to come around

Maybe your at the wrong place, so by any means you can take that door and go


You don’t seem like your going anytime soon

Then I guess you can stay


I’m sorry if your just looking to past time

I’m not one of many words

I would like to ask how’s the weather out there

Since you are free

And I’m not

I’ve been living behind a false reality

A reality that you let alone can’t see


I guess the same could apply for you, for I cannot see what reality your living in

But it’s weird even if I can’t see you directly, I can feel you behind something


What was that?

Ba-Thump Ba-Thump

I keep hearing a Thump! Going through my head

Is that you by chance?

No it can’t be your somewhere far away

Away from my grasp

Ba-Thump! Ba-Thump! Ba-Thump!

I keep hearing it, it’s like a machine that won’t stop

It’s getting louder and louder for every moment that passes

I wonder if you can hear it too?


Are you still there?

Maybe this is all in my head

Maybe what I sense is not real


...The noise

The noise, it just won’t stop

I want it to stop but it keeps on going

The Beats just keep going

On and On and On and


(Wheezes weakly)

Please tell me your real

I can’t do this any longer

Being stuck here without no escape is making me go insane

I don’t wanna be alone no more!

So Please if your out there, somewhere, Anywhere! I don’t even care just give me a sign that I’m not alone!

Please just one sign to keep me sane

A sign that means I’m not speaking to myself anymore


It’s that noise again-

Wait it’s slowing down

I-is this your sign?

The noise completely stopped

Am I truly not hallucinating?

Why did the scenery around me change?

Bright lights are all that I can see-

Oh wait I can see a big set of gates in the middle of the light

I guess it’s time isn’t it

But before I go

Thank you!

Now I’m not so alone anymore

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