uninformed, and dis-involved.

uninformed, and dis-involved. real life stories

new_name_pendin Happy for the first time in 18 years...
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i'm going to quit JROTC. i was demoted without being informed, and they cannot handle the simple job of informing me. the class and program is everything to me, but i think that it will only cause more problems that good.

uninformed, and dis-involved.

the disappointment is overwhelming. the pain is all i can feel. these tears are move my body. naught but grief, i don't know if i'll heal.

i don't even know her. German girl must be so great, you know. so what if shes a higher rank, that spot was mine, you said so.

i know i should not be bitter. i know its wrong to cry. but that wont stop the self-loathing that won't stop the tears in my eyes.

i cannot understand why i had to be told by her email and not you two. because informing and briefing us, is what you are supposed to do.

i'm dropping out. happy yet? i quit! this program was my life blood, but i don't need all this bullshit.

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