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a few musings on what your true north is.

True North

my school's motto is true north, but what even is my true north? is it where i wanna be in 20 years? is it who i want to be in 5? i s it whoever will hold my heart delicately in their hand, steady, and unwavering in their ability, never once dropping it to the floor?

is my true north where i wanna go, or what i wanna see in others? is it my morals? my interests, hobbies, carreers?

our school tells us our true north is what we want to do after high school, and how we focus on getting to that goal. i dont quite think that is what your true north is.

now, if you think of the north, what do you think of? a compass, where the needle always tells you where to go? the north star, which leads sailors and wanderers home? the northern lights that fill you heart with wonder and amazement?

the common denominator is that North leads us home. But to the home that we belong to, where our hearts are happy, and we feel like we belong.

so i want to ask you this: if you are trying to find your true north, where do you look? in the people around you? in the activities you do? in the stories you read, or the memes you create?

no. to find your true north, to find where you belong, you must look inside you. home is where the heart is, right?

so, look inside you, it might take some time, but try really hard. what do you love? is it a place? a lifestyle?

set your sights on what you find, and work twards the best of that you possibly can. and go acheive your true north.

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