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new_name_pendin Wishing for my Hot Girl Summer.....
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this kinda hits me like a rap, but it's short.

stop my fights

a girl called my bestie fat and ugly, this, I could not bear. got my fists at the ready, started squaring up right there. your buddies saw my stance, quickly tried to hold me back. I was already leaping', with a couple linemen on my back.

linemen called for QB, you were really scared. linemen jumped off my back, and you and hugged me then and there. you told me "she ain't worth it." "Clara, please don't fight" you calmed me in an instant, I felt I'd be alright.

I caught a whiff of your smell, and felt your arms around my torso, when you let me go, I ran for the door, so you wouldn't see me crying, "lord stop this longing." I wish in your arms, I could feel that belonging.

it don't feel right, and it don't seem fair. you always stop the fight, you're always in my hair. I wish you could get out, but you also need to stay. wish all these contradictions, would just go away.

this pain, god, I'm dying. said I'm fine, well I'm lying. these tears are for me. cause you and I aren't alright. and it's not like I can hit you, cause you always stop my fights.

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