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new_name_pendin Happy for the first time in 18 years...
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how i think It'd be if i dated my friend. (not real)(imagined)

stars above us

the stars shine down, glistening and true. you reach over and bring my hand to you.

spread as far as your smile. I"m glad we have these masks off, its been too long a while.

You point out constellations for me, and I clean your glasses with a laugh. I cant believe that is hasn't been so long since we started out.

sitting in your car, and watching out the front window. maybe you'll kiss me, and do things you and I have never done before.

i was filled with doubts about you last summer, and all last year. but now we are together, and your heartbeat is all i hear.

sadness enfolded me, and you always make me smile, "yeah, love you too, dude. " and "ill sit with you for a while."

friendship blossoms, love blooms, and now i just might, actually love you too.

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