single again.
single again. break ups stories

new_name_pendin Happy for the first time in 18 years...
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help? i guess? and update.

single again.

soi just broke up with my boyfriend. i might be a little less active for a while, too, since i of course feel awful, and i am missing lots of assignments (gotta graduate!)

he was my first "real" boyfriend. he was sweet an nice, but he also wasnt .he would get really toxic and negative about the world, wishing people would die violent deaths or for the apocalypse. he was an extremist about a lot of things, and we didnt even like most of the same things.

i'm still sad, even though i broke things off. i'm not sure why, and i am very drained. i've never had a real relationship or break up before this, so i don' t know if this is how i'm supposed to feel.

so if theres any love experts out there, can y'all just kinda help me know if i'm ok? yeah. have a nice day, um. i'll be around, but maybe not writing for a while. goodbye for now, y'all.

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